Albaraa Ashraf Helmy Abdel Razik

President Candidate

IBM Year 3

"More money? More honey."


How to reach me?


Mobile: +6011-33975173

My Manifesto

Hello everyone, my name is Albaraa Ashraf and I’m running for the position of Fulltime president. I was the Vice President of Well being and the International Officer. I have also held the position of class representative for 2 years.


As your HWUMSA President, I would…  


Campaign for a better allocation of the student association’s budget.

What motivated me to nominate myself?

My motivation comes from the belief that the student association is very important part of the student experience and I believe that the changes I propose to bring to the table will not only benefit my term but also help future HWUMSA executives and while I understand that our current set budget is a challenge that we are expected to navigate, it’s not all about over coming challenges but removing them so that HWUMSA can run smoothly.

My top three priorities

While having a proper budget is my main objective, I will prioritize,


  1. Student engagement, my office will always be open to receive any feedback, negative and positive and insure that students feel heard and seen.

  2. Close the feedback loop, as president, I will make it an objective to take any feedback to the relevant department but most importantly come back with a response to allow the students not to just be heard and seen but appreciated and integrated into the change process.

  3. Maintain and improve, I will, with my team, work on improving all existing procedures and making changes when necessary.

What would I bring to the role?

Well, I come with 2 years of experience in the student association and the inner workings of it. And as my position will be full time, all my time will be focused on making the student association a better organization. I am very passionate and optimistic about my plans and I’ll do everything in my power to help make your university experience a better one.

Why just one goal?

I strongly believe that achieving this goal will serve as a domino effect and will tackle many problems our community faces.



  1. Having a proper budget allocation will allow HWUMSA to provide more funds to the clubs and societies in our university which is a very problematic issue that forces many students not to join clubs because of the membership fees imposed.

  2. Once clubs and societies have enough budget to support their planned activities, student engagement with said clubs and societies would increase and allow for a lively extracurricular environment.

  3. Once clubs and societies get the engagement needed, HWUMSA and said clubs would have the means to participate in external events and also invite other universities to compete with our teams enriching our social circle and creating better connections with other students around Malaysia.

  4. Apart from clubs and societies activities, with a better budget, HWUMSA can host events on a bigger magnitude with a better quality which in return will enrich our campus life.

  5. So remember, with your vote, our future is bright and since my position will be a paid one, I pledge RM250 every month to the student association.