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  1. You can book a ride by clicking the add passenger icon under the respective trips,

  2. The schedule will reset every week. Currently, the schedule is for the dates from11th Sept to 16th Sept.

  3. You will receive a confirmation message one day before the trip through whatsapp. If you do not respond to the message, we will assume that you will not be carpooling.

  4. The fares will range from RM3 to RM5 for trips between HWUM and Cyberjaya depending the number of carpoolers. The fares will be confirmed during the confirmation

  5. For carpooling between HWUM and other areas (non-cyberjaya), we will connect you with the driver and you two can determine the fares on your own.

  6. Drivers can only be added to the platform by the admin. Any unauthorised drivers will be deleted from the platform. 

This Carpooling Platform will start in Sept


11th Sept


12th Sept


13th Sept


14th Sept


15th Sept

16th Sept