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Adriena Sofia binti Rudy Adrie

Candidate for

VP Wellbeing

Psychology Y2

"Fulfil Your Potential"

How to reach me?

Instagram: @sofiarudy ; @teamlegacy_fyp
Mobile: +60134750312

Speech Recording

My Biography

Hi, I'm Sofia! I chose to take psychology on the sole reason that I want to improve the wellbeing of others. I believe that our wellbeing should be prioritized above all else which is why I am currently running for VP Wellbeing.

My Manifesto

Me and my fellow teammate Zarul in Team Legacy aim to accomplish the FYP:

  1. Provide extra Financial support for financially struggling students who need an extra hand in maximising their university experience.
  2. Yearn for growth where everyone is able to fulfil their potential and be the best version of themselves through events and projects by the university.
  3. Strengthening the Power of the student's voices where wellbeing matters will be prioritized in ensuring HWUM students are physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.

What motivated me to nominate myself?

I decided to run for VP Wellbeing on the sole reason that I wanted change, and rather than just waiting for change to happen, I decided to step up and run for the position. I believe that change won't happen if no one takes the inniative to be brave and be apart of making a change.

It took a lot of gut but I believe I have what it takes in ensuring the wellbeing of our student body is thriving and blooming like never before.

I want to spend my final year in HWUM knowing that I helped someone improve their university experience, even if it's just one person, it would mean so much.

My top three priorities

  1. Building a more diverse community on campus through events and projects catering to all individuals of different races, gender, religion and cultures in order for everyone to feel safe and included.
  2. Bridging the gap between HWUMSA executives and the student body to strengthen the voices of the students in providing feedback and complaints to ensure their needs are heard and taken care of.
  3. Providing extra financial support for students of lower income and building a stronger emotional support system for all students to improve HWUM student's overall wellbeing.

What would I bring to the role?

I am the type of person who would never do anything just for the sake of it. I put my all into the responsibilities I was given and ensure that my decisions benefit those around me.

I had positions as the President of the Student Voice and I believe that through that experience, I am very capable in listening and strengthening the power of the HWUM student's voices so they can be heard.

My 3 years of being a student in HWUM allowed me to observe and be empathetic to situations the students faced.

I will give my utmost commitment towards the role and stay strong-minded through every challenges I'll face.


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