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Angela Lim

Candidate for


Accounting and Business Finance Y2

Accountability, Communication, Empowerment

How to reach me?

Instagram: @angelalim101 ; @teamace2324
Mobile: +60163550394 ; +6281991293796

Speech Recording

My Biography

Hello there! I am Angela Lim, a second-year accounting and business finance student and I am running to be your Secretary of HWUMSA for the term 2023/2024. I'm a person who enjoys stepping beyond my comfort zone in search of opportunities for continuous self-improvement.

I am currently serving as the Vice Secretary of HWUMSA. Throughout my time on the council, working in the secretariat team has helped me  develop the skills, knowledge, and experience that I believe can qualify me as a suitable candidate for Secretary.

My Manifesto

As your Secretary, I will:

  • Build a dependable secretariat team that would bring out the finest to assist the council, university, and students.
  • Establish a reliable and safe platform for the voice of HWUMANS to be heard.
  • Enhance the council's documentation efficiency by providing and revising reporting templates in order to maintain an efficient and structured documentation system.

What motivated me to nominate myself?

Since the first time I first joined Heriot-watt University, I have always wanted to join the council, however, back then I had minimum knowledge of the university and the council when I was back in year 1 and finally decided to join the council a year after. Being a member of the council has given me the opportunity to experience new activities. As a Vice Secretary, I have gained the skills and experience that have significantly boosted my self-growth. I hope to further improve myself by taking this opportunity to become the Secretary of the upcoming term. I am excited to give back to my university and contribute to providing opportunities for students to grow individually.

My top three priorities

  1. Lead and work with a group of passionate individuals to achieve common goals in order to support the council's departments in their efforts to grow as individuals.
  2. Create a platform where students can safely express their voices.
  3. Improve the council's documentation system in order to build an efficient documentation system among departments.

What would I bring to the role?


  • A team that is supportive and open to criticism to the council.
  • The knowledge and experience that I have gained as the current vice secretary.


  • My dedication and commitment to serving the community.
  • Support the university staff in improving the student experience.


  • Provide opportunities for you to learn and grow.
  • A system where you can safely and comfortably express yourself.

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