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Chong Si Cheng, Joleen

Candidate for

VP Academic

Actuarial Science Y1

"Growth & Opportunities"

How to reach me?

Instagram: @joleenxx.__ ; @teamgo2022
Mobile: +60164838393

Speech Recording

My Biography


This short, cute and bubbly girl standing before you wants to run for Vice President Academic of HWUMSA 2022/23. So who is this girl? Who am I? I am Joleen Chong, a Y1 Actuarial Science student from Penang, the land known for the best hawker food!


Since young, academics have been playing a significant part in my life. When I feel stressed, studying has always been able to calm my nerves down. Thanks to education, I can explore something new every day, which makes my life more exciting. Being able to ace each test is one of the best feelings in the world!

My Manifesto

What do academics mean to you? A passport to a better future? An initiative to earn a scholarship to lessen your parents' financial burden? Everyone is different, and no matter what academics mean to you, I hope I can induce a positive and encouraging academic environment for everyone.


If elected as Vice President for Academic Affairs, I will:

1. Improve the existing structure of the academic department.

-Provide class representatives and school officers with proper training and a clear explanation of their duties.

-Encourage connectivity and collaboration between class representatives and school officers.

-Ensure transparency of the feedback loop so the students can ensure that the academic department considers their feedback, which will encourage them to voice their ideas.

-Closely analysing the past systems based on the clauses made in the past SPAs(Student Partnership Agreement), and suggest the advancements that supplement the current system so the department can perform better.


2. Assist students throughout their academic journey in HWUM.

-Hold learning and academic skills workshops that provide tips and insights on effective ways to study

-Assist underperforming students by providing free resources, e.g. encouraging additional tutoring from seniors.

-Build external platforms that can aid students on their learning journey, e.g. Instagram or a website dedicated to their course.

-Suggest holding free Malay or English classes or workshops to assist international students.


3. Articulate academic concerns of students.

-Formally and objectively articulate arguments when voicing out academic concerns of students to staff and lecturers.

-Ensure authenticity and transparency throughout the academic department meetings.

-I will not shy away from criticism or dismiss them. More willingly, I will build a bridge between HWUM and the students.


Although I might not be the most experienced or the most academically achieved candidate, there is one thing I have: A passion for trying my best.


Please vote for Team GO! Ilya Dali for President, Joleen Chong for Vice President Academic, Joshua Tan for Vice President Community, Evans Ngu for Vice President Wellbeing, Ryan Koh for Vice President Sports, Tay See Jie for Secretary, and lastly Cheng Pui Leng as Treasurer!

Thank you!

What motivated me to nominate myself?

Since high school, I have always dreamed of running for the student council. However, I kept stopping myself due to my inferiority complex. I was scared to stand up for myself, constantly scared of getting judged, and had a severe fear of failing. However, after graduating, I had a lot of regrets. I felt like I was scared of showing the whole world who I faithfully was because I was afraid of losing something. But I lost more because of this fear.


Since I have nothing to lose, I want to be bold for once and stand up for myself. Thanks to my experience as a class representative, I developed an understanding of the academic department. Academics is a pivotal factor in deciding or aiding one's future. Academics have helped me through my difficult times, and I hope everyone can enjoy their learning journey throughout their experience in HWUM. Hence, I want to connect students' voices and be bold to represent the student body, and use my experience to improve HWUM's academic environment!

My top three priorities

  1. Authenticity: Being true to ourselves is about having the courage to define our version of what it is to live a successful life. By being authentic, we build deeper connections and inspire engagement. Authenticity is also a pivotal factor when voicing out the concerns of students.
  2. Benevolence: The quality of being kind and helpful, giving help to anyone from the HWUM family that needs it or voice changes.
  3. Connectivity: Connect the ideas and voices of students, staff and lecturers from unique backgrounds, personalities and cultures, and ensure all voices are heard.

What would I bring to the role?

  • To HWUMSA: As an empowered student, I foresee myself bringing empowerment to the academic department of HWUMSA, and I will do my best to provide quality to what I do.
  • To HWUM: Improvements in the structure of the academic department of HWUM while constructing a comfortable, educational environment for all students, staff and lecturers.
  • To YOU: My ears and time to listen what you have to say and suggest, and respect your opinions to do my best to improve your academic experience of HWUM.

Do support me and my fellow teammates of Team GO! #VoteforTeamGO

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