Christopher Sean Kumar

Candidate for

VP Sports

Electrical Engineering Y1

"No Opportunity Wasted"

How to reach me?

Instagram: @imchrisean
Mobile: +60178008305

Speech Recording

My Biography

Hey there! My name is Chris, a First Year Electrical Engineering student and this year I am running to be your Sports Vice President!


Let's get to know each other! I was born in Malaysia but spent most of my time overseas in Paris and Montreal. I graduated from the American School of Paris (ASP) before joining Heriot-Watt in Putrajaya, Malaysia.


I participated in Sports throughout my whole life. In my senior year, I was the captain of my High School (ASP) division 1 volleyball and basketball varsity team. When I'm not playing sports you can find me hiking or aquascaping for my bettas.


In addition, I used to play for a professional E-Sports team (SoaR). I competed in international circuits and finished top 500 players in the world for multiple seasons.


Fast forward to the present day, I am currently actively involved as your Sports Officer, your Phoenix House Captain, Committee of the Volleyball Club and your Year 1 Electrical Engineering Class Representative.


It’s a pleasure to meet all of you!

My Manifesto

When elected as VP Sports, given my experience and knowledge of participating in sports events on a global scale (14 different countries), I can assure you with my exposure and experience, you will have my utmost dedication and support to elevate sports at Heriot-Watt to the next level.


Working with the HW Sports Committee – we will strive for all Sports Clubs to be provided with support from HWUMSA to ensure our clubs are operating at optimum condition in order to provide the best experience to our students. In addition, clubs will also be aided with endless possibilities of resources in areas such as upgrades, new equipment, indoor courts, events, friendlies, tournaments and much more!


Students that participate in sports whether it be HWUMCUP, recreational or professional will be given high exposure and a fair chance to participate in all upcoming events. Students can look forward to having all events be carried out indoors, in order to counter unforeseen weather outbreaks and to cater to a larger audience. In addition, Medals, Trophies and recognition merits will be awarded to participating, winning teams and individual players in order to keep events alive, recognised and competitive.


These are only a few of the many things in store for all students at Heriot-Watt! Wait - there’s one more! I'll give you one more teaser. A university Mascot…


I will strive to listen and hear, respond, perform and deliver in an utmost professional manner to students in order for them to have a memorable experience they remember for the rest of their lives.

I hope to be elected as your humble Sports Vice President as I want to make a positive impact in the Sports Community. Planning more fun and engaging events to all students in pursuit to further strengthen the bonds within us here at Heriot-Watt. I will bring numerous new ideas, as well as leadership and organizational skills to make this an unforgettable year.

What motivated me to nominate myself?

I have always viewed “Sports” as a way to stay healthy and fit but actually, sports’ importance goes much further than that. Sports help in the overall development of students. Playing sports teaches one the lessons of life, such as teamwork, accountability, self-confidence, responsibility, and self-discipline. This statement resonates very strongly with me as I have benefited greatly from actively participating in sports. I wish to give and share this experience with my fellow students here in Heriot-Watt.


As you know by now this is my first year at Heriot-Watt. Diving straight into the roles I hold currently was extremely unprecedented at first, but I eventually felt at home when working and connecting with you of all. I treasure the opportunity of being part of a wholesome team and most importantly giving back to you! The students of Heriot-Watt!


Given my passion and dedication to sports throughout my life, I found myself inevitably drawn to the positions of Community Sports Officer / Phoenix House Captain and now VP Sports.


Having first hand experience of being your Community Sports Officer, your Phoenix House Captain, part of a Sports Club Committee and participating in the same Sport Events as you, I truly understand what it feels like to be a player or a club member, as I’ve been there and done that! Thus, I believe I bring a set of unique credentials and experiences that can be found nowhere else when it comes to the relationship between the players, the sports club committees and the organizers.


My passion for sports is what drives me and inspires me to do better. Family and friends mean everything to me and I wouldn’t be who I am without the people who have supported me. Making your voice heard to improve sports engagements and satisfaction index as a community is a strong desire of mine.


I can’t wait to have an amazing year!


Let’s make it memorable!

My top three priorities

A Beneficial Community

  • It is important to make sure all students can benefit from each other in a community where they have an enjoyable time and a fair chance of participating in sports at a competitive or recreational level.

Close Relationship With Sports Clubs

  • It is crucial to have a close relationship with each sports club in order to give them the support they need throughout the year to make sure all their needs and personal objectives can be fulfilled in a meaningful way.

Excellent Mental, Physical and Personality Development.

  • University sports will be and has always been a means for students to enhance social and personality development. Participating in sports can help students enhance their leadership skills, capacity for goal setting and character building.
  • Being active in sports, will naturally develop greater self-esteem, improved social interaction, a sense of confidence and mutual trust.

What would I bring to the role?

Experience and Connections

  • While holding the position of Community Sports Officer for almost a year now, I have thoroughly built strong foundations with every sports club in the university in order to have a better understanding of their needs, wants, goals and personal objectives. I believe this is crucial in order for each club to reach its maximum potential and much more.

Leadership and Communication

  • Bringing excellent leadership and communication skills with peers from past experience of being captain of my basketball and volleyball team. Thus, I assure you situations will be handled effectively, accurately and efficiently.

Awareness and Counteraction

  • Students and sports clubs will be given prominent voices in order to share their opinions and issues throughout the year. To hold a “Summit” that consists of a large assembly where students discuss needed improvements and action plans in order to create favourable responses to sports clubs can be expected punctually.

Growth and Opportunity

  • Sports clubs will be given copious amounts of support to promote activities, thus attracting larger audiences in participation and involvement throughout clubs and societies at Heriot-Watt.
  • Sports clubs can create as well as seize numerous opportunities in order to grow and expand whether it be domestically or internationally. Clubs can expect to reach new milestones and achievements regularly.

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