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Cristian Alejandro Kee

Candidate for

VP Academic

FIS Chemistry

"Your vote is your voice"

How to reach me?

Instagram: @cristiankeee
Mobile: +601137359828

Speech Recording

My Biography

My name is Cristian Kee, I am 18 years old and studying FIS Chemistry.

I have lived over half of my life in Dubai and moved to Malaysia in April of 2022.

I am going to be the next VP Academics.

My Manifesto

My overall plan for my run as VP Academics is to improve the school as one body and one voice. The ways that I plan to make this dream come true is by taking the academic department and tweaking the things that I believe have not been fully done at all or things that already exist that I believe should be emphasized and amplified. A few of the main points I want to adress is ensuring that every student voice is heard withut exception, fostering an even healthier learning environment and imroving how the academic department is run and viewed from both the inside and outside.


My goal is to represent a happy and healthy student body that works together fluidly and who are not afraid to voice their opinions as well as feedback, I also want to represent the academic department and fully bring to light the importance of the department and how that without it the university would not be at its full potential.

What motivated me to nominate myself?

After living over half of my life in Dubai, I moved to Malaysia in hopes of starting a new chapter of my life, my time overseas has given me a lot of experience and new perspectives that I feel can be used to deliver and come up with worthwhile ideas that can be implemented into our university. I used to be stuck inside of a shell, not wanting to put myself out there due to a big lack of self-confidence. However, no longer do I want to wait around and do nothing. People have different ideas on what they think the most important thing for their future is, whether that be finding a relationship or having meaningful connections. Yet something that might be overlooked is the importance of academics, whilst being a part of the academic department, I have personally seen a couple of areas that I believe we can improve on as a whole. I believe that the most vital department in the uni that makes everything run properly is the Academic department. It is the largest department by far and consists of all years and Schools from MFP, MACS, EPS, EGIS, SOSS and PG.



My top three priorities

1. Make sure each and every student voice is heard.

  • In order to achieve this goal I will create a thorough way of getting feedback from the students and delivering it to the staff and lecturers.
  • Provide Class representatives and school officers with the necessary info and training on how to effectively interpretate the feedback that students give them.
  • As well as further nurture collaboration between the class, assistant class reps and school officers.

2. Help foster a healthy learning experience in HWUM

  • To do this I plan to hold learning support and academic studying sill workshops.
  • Assist in senior and lecturer tutoring for students to be more comfortable with the content they are learning.

3. Improve the way the academic department is run

  • To reach this, I will hold academic department meetings every couple of weeks in order to align the different schools and find any recurring issues.
  • I will also host fun gatherings and bonding sessions for the officer and reps in order for them to feel more comfortable with each other so that they can work effectively together to ensure all feedback from the voices of their peers are heard.
  • Create a newsletter or other form of announcement so that the students who are not in the department to know what we are doing and to show that your feedback is heard and being acted upon.


What would I bring to the role?

My experience as both a class rep and as MFP officer, has led to me developing an understanding of what the academic department is all about as well as learn a lot from the other students here, class and assistant class reps, other school reps as well as the previous VP academics Joleen who took me under her wing and educated me on all the important skills needed to be the next in line. And those are the reasons that I want to run for VP Academics. My contribution will be mainly directed towrds the students, lecturers and the rest of the student association. My main focus is to make sure every voice is heard and acted upon.

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