Ilya Sulaiman Bin Dali

Candidate for

President (F)

Actuarial Science Y3

"Growth & Opportunities"

How to reach me?

Instagram: @iriya_ds ; @teamgo2022
Mobile: +60196623947
LinkedIn: ilya-sulaiman-dali-b7b73a1a1/

Speech Recording

My Biography

Assalamualaikum wrwb and hello everyone,


I am Ilya Dali, a third year Actuarial Science student. My core value in life is helping people grow. This is because I find myself most fulfilled when seeing a friend, family, classmate, a fellow human being who I’ve interacted with, learn to love themselves, to take care of themselves and consequently begin striving for their own greatness. Talking about a future in which we’ve grown together excites me! And living in such a present is truly a gift.


Hence, I strive to make the communities’ I’m in reach for greater heights by supporting one another and helping each other grow physically, mentally and spiritually.

My Manifesto

As your HWUMSA President, I would…

  • Create more personal growth opportunities for students to ensure a balance in three kinds of education: Scholastic, Professional & Financial to prepare them for life after university through events, workshops and more. In addition to that, more leadership opportunities that will empower our students to do more for themselves and the community.


  • Further expand the university network through developing inter-university mediums of communication and bodies of collaborations. These include building connections with the universities within the vicinity of the HWUM campus, the 5 UK universities in Malaysia and the 3 HW campuses.


  • Further develop and maintain support systems by closely analyzing and reflecting on the past and existing systems. Then introducing new systems where necessary and improving enforcement on existing systems. Ensuring the successes and failures of these systems are properly documented and recorded for the following council members to continue building on these systems to reach its greatest potential.

What motivated me to nominate myself?

Throughout my journey in HWUMSA I’ve met so many amazing individuals all on their own journey striving for their own dreams and goals, I’ve connected with leaders from different universities. I’ve learnt to unite and align the goals of many to achieve something much greater together. All while striving for my passion, which is in Sports.


I set out on my journey in HWUMSA as Sports Officer, to create opportunities for myself as an athlete. At the time my only goal was to create an inter-university platform for sports. But through all these experiences, and all the people I’ve met, I’ve realized that there’s so much more could and want to give through HWUMSA to you, and the world.

My top three priorities

I would prioritize Balance, by giving students a wider variety of opportunities to invest in themselves physically, mentally and spiritually in efforts to enable people to realize their full potential and become well-rounded HWUMans. Through holding events, workshops and projects that will spark and foster self-development, team-building and network-building.


I would prioritize Networking, by further developing connections with external bodies such as Universities, Firms and Start-ups. To create more opportunities for our students to gain experience and further expand their network while in HWUM.


I would prioritize Standard, by solidifying the systems within the student council and properly enforcing them to produce a higher quality student council as a whole.

What would I bring to the role?


  • The continued practice of TOP (Transparency, Objectivity, Professionalism).
  • The long-term vision and top tier standards for the student council.
  • Experience working and existing connections with HWU staff.



  • The ability to represent the Malaysian student body in its fullest form and interest at a global level.
  • A strong understanding of the existing systems through my 2 years in HWUMSA.
  • The vision to further capitalize on the existence of our integrated campuses and create more opportunities out of it.



  • Full-time commitment to the role and my very best through the challenges that lie ahead.
  • Understanding and empathy for the students through my 4 years of studies at HWUM.
  • A team of passionate and capable individuals that share the vision and drive to reach for greater heights.

Please support me and Team GO! #VoteforTeamGO