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Imelda Tan Wei Wei

Candidate for

VP Sports

International Business Management Y1

"Your vote is your voice."

How to reach me?

Instagram: @imeldatann; @teamtophwum
Mobile: +60165227818

Speech Recording

My Biography

Hi! My name is Imelda Tan. I’m a first-year IBM student from Miri, Sarawak. It's no secret that I love sports but if I had to pick a favourite, it would definitely be football.

My Manifesto

As your HWUMSA Vice President of Sports, I will continue to do the same by…

  • Create a personalised channel within our university to improve communication and provide an outlet for students to voice out their concerns/needs.
  • Providing and expanding the sporting opportunities our university has to offer so that students can join or leave our university with a well-rounded experience of sports with the ability to say ‘I’ve tried that before!’.
  • Further elevating the current sport experience by providing our clubs the opportunity to connect with outside universities/clubs and collaborate with them.

What motivated me to nominate myself?

Growing up, my family has always been moving. Interestingly enough, Heriot-Watt is actually the tenth ‘school’ I’ve been to. It is because of this privilege that I have been exposed to so many cultures and mindsets. It is also because of this privilege where I first learnt how to play football at the age of 13 living in Russia. After that, the rest was history. I represented every school that I went to, I earned trophies and medals, even won the title of ‘Sportswoman of The Year’. And although there were the times I was playing side-by-side with my teammates, there are still the moments where I am the only girl on the field that tinges me with a little bit of sadness.


I have always been someone who enjoys a challenge and responsibilities. I’m that person in the friend group that’s always eager to host a game. I’m that person someone calls when their team is looking for someone to play against.


This role in itself is the perfect role for me because it provides me with both a challenge and a responsibility, with the final cherry on top being sports, something I have always loved and hold close to my heart.


Like I do with every school I go to, I make a vow to myself that I would leave this place better than when I came. And that is the same vow I made to Heriot-Watt.

My top three priorities

I would prioritise Connection within our university, with the students, and with the staff. Through holding sport team-building events and the personalised channel of communication, I want to promote sports as a way to build and grow friendships as the way towards a united university body.


I would prioritise Community. By developing those connections with outside universities and clubs, I believe it will help us form a tight-knit community with the people around us, making it easier for the next Sports Department after us to arrange games for the student body.


I would prioritise Improvement. Our university already has the foundation it needs to become a well-known sports university, the next step is taking it to the next level with tournaments and friendlies.

What would I bring to the role?


  • Experience working with the current HWUMSA Sports Department.
  • The ability to work in teams.
  • The continued dedication towards sports, much like the previous VP of Sports before me.


  • A motivated team of passionate individuals striving to serve the community towards a better Heriot-Watt.
  • Expanding and elevating our sport opportunities by creating more inter-university games and activities for the students.

To you:

  • Understanding of the wants of the student body after being heavily involved in sports and talking to my fellow peers.
  • The opportunity for you to speak up and use your voice.
  • Giving students the chance to lead clubs/events by providing them opportunities to delve into their creativity and explore their passions.

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