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Imelda Tan Wei Wei

Candidate for

VP Sports

International Business Management Y2

"Resilience, Integrity, Service, Experience"

How to reach me?

Instagram: @imeldatann

My Biography

Hi everyone, my name is Imelda Tan. I’m a second-year IBM student and I’m running for Vice President of Sports 2024/2025.

Here’s a short introduction about myself! I was born in Sarawak but I moved around a lot growing up having lived in countries such as Nigeria, Russia and most recently Oman. A fun fact about me: this is actually the 10th school I’ve been to. I’ve played sports wherever I’ve gone. My most significant years were in high school when I was Captain of the Rugby team and a Sports Prefect. The same year I also won the Peter Hakim Award for Sportswoman of the Year. My main sport will always be futsal/football. That’s the sport that first got me into playing sports, but I’m also active in netball and touch rugby. When I’m not playing for HWUM, I play for a football club outside.

Now that I am in Heriot-Watt University Malaysia, I’ve taken up many roles since starting here. During my first year, I was:

  • Committee of the Rugby Club - started a women’s rugby team

  • Committee of the Football Club - started a women’s football team

  • Committee of Ravagers Futsal Club - started the club from scratch and held our first ever Ravagers Cup 2023 (a futsal tournament amongst HWUM students)

This year, I am HWUMSA’s Community Sports Officer which has enabled me to do events like these:

  • Watt Games - HWUM’s first ever inter-university tournament consisting of 5 sports — Futsal, Chess, Netball, Badminton and Volleyball — over the span of 3 weeks of which we had over 35+ universities joining us with more than 200 students taking part.

  • Women in Sports Week - a global event across all our 3 campuses with the aim to encourage more women to participate in sports. In our Malaysia campus, we had 7 sports: Table Tennis, Touch Rugby, Zumba, Badminton, Netball, Futsal and Volleyball.

  • Ravagers Cup 2024

My Manifesto

As your Vice President of Sports, I will dedicate myself and my team towards the improvement of sports in Heriot-Watt University Malaysia. My goal will be to listen to the needs of the students, serve the best that I can and improve the overall sporting experience by creating a more inclusive and lively environment for our students.

During my term, I will:

  • Prioritise your voice and your concerns with the current sporting scene.

  • Represent the student body when it comes to conveying messages to the university.

  • Maintain transparency and communication between sport clubs and my sports department.

  • Support student-led initiatives to the best of our abilities while also providing our own events for students to join.

What motivated me to nominate myself?

I have always been someone who enjoys a challenge and responsibilities. I’m that person in the friend group that’s always eager to host a game. I’m that person someone calls when their team is looking for someone to play against. Anyone who knows me knows I can’t go one week without doing some activity. This role in itself is the perfect role for me because it provides me with both a challenge and a responsibility while also being something I’m extremely passionate about.

Like I do with every school I go to, I make a vow to myself that I would leave this place better than when I came. And that is the same vow I made to Heriot-Watt University Malaysia.

The biggest reason why I nominated myself is Experience. Having been in the roles that I have, I have gained the knowledge and experience needed to successfully execute the role I’m running for. I’ve done many successful events in the past that have allowed me to work closely with the students, club committees, university staff and external parties. This has only motivated me further to create more successful, bigger and better events for the student body and our sports community.

My top three priorities

As your HWUMSA Vice President of Sports, I will continue to serve the student body  on a much larger scale by focusing on 3 main areas:

  • External - Bigger & better events! With the knowledge and experience I have of event planning and managing, my plan next year is to build on the opportunity and make tournaments larger such as a bigger venue, longer events or an opening/closing ceremony. I would also like to make a Watt Games 2.0.

  • Internal - More focus on the non-competitive side of sports by creating more events with the aim of fostering a close community and promoting sports as a form of wellbeing.

  • HWUMCUP - Better organising with more sport picks from the clubs in our university. As the Community Sports Officer this year, I’ve had to take care of all 15 sports clubs under me so I know and better understand the needs of the clubs and their students. That’s why, I’d like to give our clubs more opportunities to play competitively in HWUMCUP.

What would I bring to the role?


  • Leadership - I know how to conduct a team and act as a leader.

  • Experience - from being Community Sports Officer, sport club committee and an active member in the sports community, I have the experience to take on the role of Vice President of Sports.

  • Passion - passion for sports, for HWUMSA and the student body.


  • Communication - having made connections with staff and the clubs, I will ensure that a clear channel of communication will be formed between you and the university.

  • Understanding of Event Planning and Management - I know how events work in HWUM and how to plan, budget and manage them.

To you:

  • Opportunities - more sport tournaments, friendlies and events for you to join, including some never been done before in HWUM.

  • Myself - I will ensure I do the job to the best of my abilities for all of you.

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