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Jolyn Tan Jing Xuan

Candidate for

VP Community

Psychology with Management Y1

Accountability, Communication, Empowerment

How to reach me?

Instagram: @jolyntanjingxuan ; @teamace2324
Mobile: +601110809219

Speech Recording

My Biography

Hello! I am Jolyn Tan, a first-year BSc (Hons) Psychology with Management student. I am now running for HWUMSA Vice President of Community 2023/2024!

I am the current Arts & Culture Officer of HWUMSA, and this will be my third year participating in HWUMSA! I was a subcommittee in foundation, an officer in Year 1, and now running for the position of vice president. Throughout the years in HWUMSA, I believe that I have developed the experience, passion, and abilities needed to lead the future Community Team.

I love to explore and create opportunities. Having a fun university experience as well as a study-life balance is something I always want to enhance and foster within the HWUM community!

My Manifesto

During my term, I will ensure:

  1. Easy access to the information of happening events.
  2. Enhance the event organising processes and experience.
  3. Empower new and existing HWUMANs to join the community by connecting them in terms of involvement and inclusivity.

What motivated me to nominate myself?

I nominated myself because I feel this is where I belong. I was part of the Johor Student Leaders Council in high school, and being a part of that made me realise that positions like this is what I was made to do. To change and improve what we have now is what I did in JSLC, and it is what I plan to do as next term’s Vice President of Community.


Besides, I have gained all the support from my family, friends, as well as my current HWUMSA Community Team. “My boss” always encourages me and has nurtured me well. With their trust, I am confident that I can contribute to a better future and unleash my fullest potential when I am in the position.

My top three priorities

  1. Improve students’ experience by creating an easier platform to involve new and existing students in the co-curriculum activities.
  2. Improve clubs and societies quality by providing more opportunities and guidance in terms of the process of event organising inside as well as outside of the university.
  3. Increase communication between students and HWUMSA as well as the university for more and better students' activities.

What would I bring to the role?


  • The experience and expertise acquired as the current Arts & Culture Officer and as the previous subcommittee of HWUMSA.
  • The good leadership skills from past experiences to lead the community team.


  • Sustaining the culture of respect and professional collaboration among the students, clubs, and HWUMSA.
  • Assist clubs and societies in identifying and getting the ideal resources to fulfil their requirements and objectives.


  • Empower all the students by involving them in high-quality events.
  • Ensuring that student engagement, feedback, and opinions are valued.

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