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Josephine Tan Xi Ern

Candidate for

VP Community

Actuarial Science Year 2

"Your vote is your voice"

How to reach me?

Instagram: @_jojosephine_; @teamtophwum
Mobile: +60124315826

Speech Recording

My Biography

Hi everyone!! My name is Josephine, I’m a Year 2 Actuarial Science student and I’m running for Vice President of Community for the 2023/2024 term.

I am currently the Inter-university Officer for HWUMSA, and I believe that I have gained sufficient experience and understanding of HWUMSA as a whole. I have experienced a little of most departments due to my role as Inter-university Officer, which allows me to bring a fresh perspective to this role. Throughout my tenure in the External Affairs department, I have gained experience in event coordination and established connections with other universities. This will help me to provide a different point of view when it comes to planning events and simpler opportunities for collaboration, which is why I think I will be great as your Vice President of Community.

My Manifesto

My priorities as Vice President of Community would be to

- Initiate more inter-university opportunities

- Increase the number of events to make campus life more fun

- Improve event application and planning processes for both students and clubs and societies

What motivated me to nominate myself?

Growing up, I moved around a lot. As an international student, I’ve been to numerous schools -- with each school came a different environment and a different perspective. Eventually, it translated into how I view everything around me. The community of people that surrounded me helped me step out of my comfort zone and I got to try out new and different things. With community being the reason behind the most fun experiences in life, I wish to bring that to HWUM and provide everyone with an unforgettable university life.

As a current HWUMSA officer, I have learnt that I’m passionate about creating an environment for students to grow outside of academics. If elected as the Vice President of Community, I will do my absolute best in creating a welcoming and diverse community for students to enjoy their university experience.

My top three priorities


1. Create more inter-university opportunities for students to build connections and relationships with the community of universities in Malaysia, especially the ones closer to HWUM

2. Increase opportunities for students to have fun and pursue their interests; provide clubs and societies with better resources to support them

3. Refine the current event application and planning processes that involves both students, clubs and societies to provide a more enjoyable event planning experience

What would I bring to the role?

To you:

· Provide an environment which would allow students to pursue their interests

· Ensure that students have a comfortable and safe environment to voice out their concerns and opinions

· Create opportunities for students to flourish outside of academics


· Broadening and maintaining our inter-university relationships for future collaborations

· A transparent and open-minded council to further enhance the students’ experience in HWUM


· My problem-solving skills and my ability to stay calm at all times

· An eager mindset to grow and adapt to different situations to achieve my goals

· An understanding of the pre-existing systems from my 2 years in HWUMSA

Do support me and my friends in Team TOP! #VoteTeamTOP

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