Koh Zhi Yung, Ryan

Candidate for

VP Sports

Business and Finance Y2

"Growth & Opportunities"

How to reach me?

Instagram: @ryan_kzy; teamgo2022
Email: rk91@hw.ac.uk
Mobile: +60175538801

Speech Recording

My Biography

HELLO!! I’m Ryan and I’ll be running for Vice President of Sports 2022/23. I am a Second Year MA Business and Finance student, and this is the second year that I will be involving myself in HWUMSA! I am an outgoing and active person, and I enjoy working with people.


I have a wide range of sports experiences that I have gained over the course of my life, as I've been involved in a range of sports at different competitive levels, including athletics, swimming, badminton, table tennis and basketball, as well as being an event director for the table tennis club this term. These experiences will aid me in organising various sporting activities for the community, allowing everyone to try something new.

My Manifesto

As VP Sports, I will be open to collaborating and listening to any and all viewpoints on sports, as well as actively making improvements to ensure that everyone in our community has a positive sports experience.

During my term, i will make sure that

  • Students will get more opportunities to be involved in sports, through increased clubs and leadership opportunities,
  • Sport clubs are well supported with the resources they need to perform at their maximum efficiency and potential.
  • Even more focus will be put in improving HWUMCUP, through improved guidelines, transparency, and better timelines and scheduling
  • HWUM will be connected with other universities through sports
  • Cultivate an active lifestyle culture within the HWUM community

I will offer a fresh viewpoint, innovative ideas, and the enthusiasm as well as the vision to accomplish these goals to this position.

What motivated me to nominate myself?

During my term as the Inter-University Officer, I fell in love with my job in HWUMSA. I enjoyed working with the people within the council, connecting with other universities, helping out in SC5, making new friends and many more.


Once I heard about the new VP sports position, I knew that this was the best opportunity and position for me to continue my passion in HWUMSA, as well as having greater power and responsibility to make bigger changes and impact for the University to its community

I believe that sports play an important role in both mine and every university student’s life, in both building relationships and staying physically and mentally healthy. With this, I hope to bring sports in Heriot Watt towards a greater level, as well as to get everyone involved again!

My top three priorities

Sports clubs

I believe that sports clubs play a essential role in university sports, and I will ensure that all sports clubs get the resources and assistance they need to perform at their maximum potential and efficiency


Sporting Events in HWUM

I will increase the variety of sports events in addition to HWUMCUP, such as Interuniversity sports and esports friendlies, Open sports competitions, and events that will promote an active lifestyle


Keep general students active and healthy

I will provide opportunities for students to practice an active and healthy lifestyle through physical health awareness programmes, wide range of sporting events, as well as collaborations with the wellbeing team advocate sports as a form of support

What would I bring to the role?


  • Synergy
    • I will make sure that within the sports department, everyone that is involved will have equal opportunity and voice, and that everyone will work with each other to bring out the best for sports .
  • Experience
    • I have gained many new experiences and learnt valuable lessons from my current term as Inter University Officer
  • Dedication
    • I believe that i still have a lot more to offer to the council as one term is not enough for me to achieve my visions


  • Communication
    • I will make sure the voices of sports clubs and students are heard and acted upon.
  • Connections
    • I will connect HWUM with other universities through Inter-University sports events.
  • Transparency
    • I will make sure rules and guidelines about HWUMCUP and every sports events are well documented and accessible for all students.

To You

  • Opportunities
    • Everyone will have a voice in determining how current and future sport events are run, through leadership positions, participation and feedback.
    • More opportunities for you to participate in inter university sporting events
  • Participation
    • Improved publicity about sports through HWUMSA social medias
    • Actively promote club activities
    • Giving you more opportunity to try out new sports throughout the year
  • Myself
    • I will devote my best attention in making sure I will be there for the students for as much as possible, and that everything is done with consideration of their best interests.
    • I will be personally involved in every stage of the sports department to make sure HWUMSA’s and my vision is being carried out.

Please support me and Team GO! #VoteforTeamGO