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Koh Zhi Yung, Ryan

Candidate for

President (F)

Business and Finance Y3

Accountability, Communication, Empowerment

How to reach me?

@ryankzy; @teamace2324

Speech Recording

My Biography

Hello everyone!

I‘m Ryan , a third year Business and Finance student. Speaking about third year, this is going to be my third year in HWUMSA! Going from an Officer to a Vice President and now running for President, this has been the best yet most challenging time of my life. Yet through all these challenges, one thing about me has stayed constant – my passion for HWUMSA and its purpose, which is to be the voice of the students.

I believe that we should always strive for more, and never be content with what we have in life. Come join me and my team’s journey in making HWUM a better place!

My Manifesto

As your President, my goal is to represent the diverse voices and concerns of the student body, and to work towards creating a vibrant and inclusive university community. With a focus on effective communication and collaborations, I am committed to addressing the challenges facing our student body and promoting a positive student experience.


During my term, I will ensure that:

  • My team will prioritise and act on your voice and concerns above anything else
  • My team will represent and relay your voice to the university, both globally and locally.
  • My team and the university will be held accountable for our actions, through feedback and open discussions.
  • My team will communicate and maintain a healthy relationship with stakeholders, including university administration, student community leaders, external parties, and most importantly, You.
  • My team will empower and support students to become better versions of themselves, through growth and opportunities.

What motivated me to nominate myself?

As a student who is deeply invested in the success and wellbeing of the university community, I have been inspired to nominate myself for President. Throughout my time in HWUMSA, I have observed issues and challenges that require lots of attention and action, and I believe that my leadership skills and passion for making a positive impact make me the ideal candidate.


My term as Vice President of Sports has also made me realise, I am drawn to making a difference in my community, and that HWUMSA is the best platform to effect meaningful change. Whether it is improving campus resources, promoting student involvement and engagement, or advocating for student rights and needs, I am eager to work collaboratively with my fellow council members, university administration, and the wider community to drive progress and achieve our shared goals.


Most importantly, I am motivated by a desire to give back to my university and to help create a brighter future for all students. I believe that together, we can make a real difference, and I am eager to put my energy and ideas to work on behalf of the student body.

My top three priorities

- Representing You and addressing Your concerns, while ensuring proper feedback loop between You and the university.


- Ensure efficiency, transparency, objectivity, and professionalism throughout all HWUMSA operations.


- Build an engaging community, through various events and initiatives, and collaborations with internal and external parties.

What would I bring to the role?


Leadership- I will bring HWUMSA members together to work towards greatness.

Experience – 2 years in HWUMSA, and the only current HWUMSA executive running.

Passion – My passion for HWUMSA and the students has only grown stronger.



Communication – I will facilitate effective communication between You and the university

Understanding of systems – I know the steps to make things happen.


To You

Opportunities – more people will get a piece of this greatness.
Myself - I will devote my best efforts in making sure I will be there for You.


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