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Muhammad Lambat

Candidate for

President (S)

Civil Engineering Y2

"your vote is your voice"

How to reach me?

Instagram: @literallymumu ; @teamtophwum
Mobile: +601160912567

Speech Recording

My Biography

Hello everyone! I’m Mumu and I’m a second-year Civil Engineering student and I am running to be your HWUMSA Student president. I’m what people call a “third culture kid”, meaning I never lived in the same environment as my parents. I was born in one place and moved around for the majority of my life, never having been in one city for more than a couple of years at a time. As such I believe this gives me a unique perspective as I have been in multiple schools and a few universities. I understand the core principles of what makes student life great and I believe that as your HWUMSA president, I can achieve, with my team, a better student life for all students.

My Manifesto

As your HWUMSA President, I would:

· Improve student life by having more choices for rest and relaxation to further increase our students' happiness on campus.

· Improve the clubs and societies by increasing engagement and having more student opportunities.

· Create career growth opportunities for students so that they have a better idea of what life post-university would be like in a realistic manner.

· Improve our relationships with other universities so that students can build more connections outside of HWUM.

· Have an increased amount of transparency with both the university and our students

What motivated me to nominate myself?

I nominated myself because I believe that student life is something that is a core part of any university. In every brochure or tour of any university, student life is a point that is always talked about. At Heriot-Watt I believe our student life can be improved and I intend to do just that. Having experienced being on the student council during high school, I understand what it means to have this responsibility. I believe that my experiences in other countries, cities, and schools give me a perspective that very few have and that this unique asset will enable me to improve student life.

My top three priorities

My top 3 priorities are:

Connections: increase the connections of HWUMSA and HWUM as a whole

Opportunities: have more professional and extracurricular opportunities for our students

Happiness and safety: last but not least, a major goal of mine is fostering a safe and enjoyable environment for our students to be themselves and be happy, the key to this is to create a safe environment for everyone.


What would I bring to the role?

What I would bring to the role:


- Knowledge and experience within HWUMSA

- Experience in other Student Councils

- High levels of ambition

- A vision for a better HWUMSA


- Make sure that HWUM is no longer underrepresented between the 3 campuses

- Goals for better interuniversity relationships

- Experience in adapting to other cultures

To You:

- A council that cares for you, the student, and correctly voices out concerns of yours

- A safer environment for you to be comfortable and be yourself in

- Commitment to creating a better student life in HWUM

My team

My team is a group of individuals who are passionate and willing to take on the responsibility of their respective roles. We believe that we can collectively make your student life at HWUM better while maintaining the aspects that HWUMSA has already implemented. Please support me and my teammates in team top! #VoteTeamTop Transparency, Opportunities, Perspective. Remember, your vote is your voice!

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