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Muhammad Zarul Azri bin Muhammad Devan

Candidate for

President (F)

MA Hons International Business Management with Enterprise (Year 3)

Team Legacy: "Fulfil Your Potential"

How to reach me?

Instagram: @teamlegacy_fyp ; @zarulss_ (personal)


Mobile: +60123329471

Speech Recording

My Biography

My name is Zarul, I'm 21 and I'm in my final year. I'm a sports enthusiast who laughs watching sitcoms so I can spread laughter and happiness towards others. Joining HWUMSA last August has definitely changed my university life as I was able to make new friends, new connections and most importantly I was able to develop myself to become a better human being. I'm grateful and blessed that I managed to experience what I had experienced in my university life and my goal is to give you, the community a better and memorable time in our university.

My Manifesto

As President my goal is to:


1. Provide extra Financial support for our Clubs and Societies as well as Sports Teams to represent our University and reach greater heights together as a community!

2. Yearn for growth where everyone is able to develop themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually where they can fulfil their potential and become the best version of themselves through the events and projects that will be held.

3. Strengthening the POWER of our students voices where Academic and Well-Being matters will be prioritised where these concerns MUST BE addressed as it impacts the students overall experience here in Heriot-Watt University Malaysia.

What motivated me to nominate myself?

A change of heart made me motivated to run as President where I realised I am much more capable than what I think of myself, where I know I give back so much to the Community, to HWUMSA and to the University. As a sports person myself, I want to elevate the university’s sporting department where I want this university to be known not only for their academic excellence but also for their sporting greatness!


Accompanying with the Academic, Community and Well-Being Department of HWUMSA, I believe that these 4 pillars are the key to self-development and enhancement for each and every one of you because I believe everybody here has a hidden potential that is yet to be fulfilled.

My top three priorities

1. I would ELEVATE the Sporting Department where through the extra allocation of funds, we are able to send out more sports team to compete and win against other Universities. My end goal is to make Heriot-Watt University Malaysia known not only for their Academic excellence but for their Sporting Greatness as well!


2. I would PRIORTISE the students current concerns where the shortcomings of our university will be overcome through the survey that I had put out. The purpose of the survey is to STRENGTHEN THE STUDENTS VOICE where through a large number of respondents collected, we can bring this matter up to the University and this can lead to CHANGE! More Respondents = More Power = Change!


3. I would INTRODUCE new systems that will benefit Clubs and Societies, HWUMSA members and the University Staffs that would ease the process when hosting/participating events. Each party will be more informed and updated with this new standardised system.

What would I bring to the role?


- Introduce new systems to simplify the process when working with the University Staffs.

- The continuation of current practices and vision of our current President and Vice-Presidents as well as introducing new visions to be worked on together.

- Maintaining the current culture where everyone feels welcomed and is able to express themselves freely!


To the Community:

- Empathy by understanding the student’s current situation through my 4 years of studying in HWUM.

- Overall better student experiences and betterment of the current university’s services and facilities.

- Endless commitment and passion towards the role where I will give my best to any challenges that lie ahead.


To the University:

- Providing better unique selling propositions through the achievements of HWUMSA and the Community

- To capitalise on any opportunities that is presented to better integrate our global campuses.

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