Nurul Izzah binti Mohd Shahril Fitri

Candidate for

VP Wellbeing

Accounting and Business Finance Y2

"No Opportunity Wasted"

How to reach me?

Instagram: @izzhhx1
Mobile: +60183958808

Speech Recording

My Biography

Hello everyone! My name is Izzah, I’m a second-year Accounting and Business Finance student and I am running for the position of VP Wellbeing!


I consider myself to be a naturally cheerful person who is able to get along with people easily and is always open to new things. I'm always ready to listen to anyone in need and assist in any way I can. I’m very passionate about understanding and helping people, and spreading happiness!



My Manifesto

As your HWUMSA VP Wellbeing, I aim to:

· Be the voice for all students and ensure that all their concerns are heard by the relevant parties of the University and advocate for the betterment of their wellbeing.

· Create a safe spacefor all students. I will strive for the inclusivity of all students in the HWUM community and ensure that everyone’s wellbeing is taken care of in all aspects regardless of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and nationality.

· Enhance relationships – in terms of helping students to develop more meaningful relationships and personal connections in their lives as well as enhancing HWUMSA’s relationship with HWUM students and also with the other HW campuses through global events.

What motivated me to nominate myself?

I am currently in HWUMSA 2021/22, serving as the Community Service Officer. The experiences and exposure that I have gained throughout my time in HWUMSA has contributed significantly to my self-growth. I am a firm believer of self-growth and I’m constantly looking for ways to improve myself and I’m very passionate about helping others to do the same. I truly love being a part of HWUMSA and being able to contribute to our students and the university. I would very much like to continue to have a positive impact on our students’ experiences and I believe that the VP Wellbeing role will give me greater power to do so!

My top three priorities

- Provide a stronger support system for all HWUM students, both local and international students, but also with more emphasis to international students.

- To create a platform whereby students can feel comfortable and safe to voice out any issues or opinion, whether it be in relation to the university or even in regards to their own personal life.

- Organise more events and workshops to help students enhance their own personal relationships as well as develop a strong relationship with HWUMSA, and also host global events to strengthen the bond between HWUMSA and the other HW campuses .

What would I bring to the role?

Care and Support

- I will ensure that all students feel cared for and supported in all aspects of their wellbeing, including their physical and mental health. I am always ready to listen to anyone who wants to be heard, and always willing to help as best as I can.

Dedication and Commitment

- I always carry out any tasks I do with full dedication and commitment and I intend to do the same with the role and responsibilities of the VP Wellbeing.


- I believe that my experiences in HWUMSA in the current academic year has thoroughly prepared and equipped me to hold the position of the VP Wellbeing. I have a good understanding of what HWUM students want and also a good understanding of HWUMSA’s internal processes so therefore I will be able to handle this role effectively and efficiently.