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Poorna Vignesh Alagappa

Candidate for


BSc Psychology with Management Y1

Your Vote Is Your Voice

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Speech Recording

My Biography

I am Vignesh Alagappa, a Year 1 Psychology with Management Student. I’m running for Secretary for the 2023/24 term of HWUMSA. Firstly, I am an initiator. It is my understanding that an ideal candidate for this role must possess an innate ability to lead, effectively communicate, assert one’s opinions, take a strong stance on matters of significance, and act as a team player cognisant of the pursuit of collective committee objectives. Granted the aforementioned expectations, I believe myself to be highly experienced for the role, boasting an array of roles of responsibility I’ve occupied and hold- such as being a former Treasurer of the Oasis International School Student Council, former President and founder of the Oasis Model United Nations Society, and now serving as the current elected Y1 BSc Psychology Class Representative.

I believe them, all to be opportunities that have imbued within me the intrinsic ability to enact a liaison between individuals of varying abilities, talents and differences. Successful delivery of results and accomplishment of objectives in any undertaking is achieved in a much more efficient, effective and resolute fashion through collaboration only facilitated by a team player entirely apprehensive of its cruciality. Qualities elementary to take on the mantle of secretary.


My Manifesto

What I can bring to the role as the Secretary:


  • An efficient and cohesive team of secretaries to facilitate the operations within each department.
  • A conducive space for growth and opportunities for HWUMSA officers to achieve their utmost potential.
  • An effective and standardised means of communication between departments, and external bodies involving staff, student life, and other universities and organisations HWUMSA can expect to facilitate relationships with.


  • An efficient council functioning at its highest potential with effective communication within all departments. that will enhance the student experience in HWUM
  • Maintaining and expanding the inter-university connections made by previous terms of the council
  • Enhancing student representation and experience within HWUM and ensuring university staff is well informed on student opinions, thereby supporting the staff in instating resolute and effective solutions in enhancing the student experience.


  • A streamlined, efficient, approachable, friendly medium of representation for students to voice out opinions and concerns.
  • Instate novel opportunities for personal growth, community and council through the introduction of new roles of leadership within the student council.

What motivated me to nominate myself?

What motivated me to Nominate myself?

As a person I am quite extroverted, a people person that finds great joy in meeting new individuals, hearing their experiences, learning from them what they have to offer and then watching them grow and reach new heights in life. Something reflected in my choice to be a psychology graduate. As a secretary, I believe I will have the opportunity to meet incredibly talented, driven and skilled individuals who in turn will help me reach new heights as a person. I addition I wish to have the honour of working with such individuals and in turn assisting them in their endeavours, a crucial opportunity granted to a liaison of communication within a team, an invaluable gift to one seeking to take on greater roles of responsibility in the future.

My top three priorities

As your Secretary, I will implement the 3I’s which are:

Initiate meaningful change within the university cognisant of the voice of our student body.

Implement a standardised documentation system that will create a smooth handover process to the future coming terms of HWUMSA. Build on existing systems, analyse its strengths and weaknesses and introduce a streamlined format of documentation and reporting system.

Indispensable, a characteristic I envision to be heard synonymously with HWUMSA, a vision I will strive to achieve as a team player and liaison within an HWUMSA functioning at its highest potential.

What would I bring to the role?

I envision an efficient, connected, and unified HWUMSA functioning at its highest potential embodying an instrument of change within the university. A vision I wish to dedicate everything to achieving as an initiator.


Please support me and the other candidates of Team Top! #VoteTeamTop Transparency, opportunities, perspective

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