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Shandy Chong Pei Xuen

Candidate for

VP Wellbeing

BSc Psychology Y2

"Accountability, Communication, Empowerment"

How to reach me?

Instagram: @shandy.chng
Mobile: +601128743260

Speech Recording

My Biography

Hellooo HWUMans! I am Shandy Chong, a Psychology Year 2 student who is here running for HWUMSA Vice President Wellbeing 2023/2024!


Gracefully, this will soon be my third year in HWUMSA when I first became one of the officers in HWUMSA as a videographer. This first position in the student council helped me in my interpersonal skills as I gained opportunities to work with students and staff from different areas. The ongoing second year of my degree is very fruitful as well. I was delegated as the president of HWUM Chinese Cultural Society and the Wellness Officer in HWUMSA. Things were challenging in this term because of the transformation and new changes in physical university life but I managed to stay up to my jobs. Throughout my second year, I gained lots of experience in leadership by running a large group of people and leading them to accomplish work and run multiple events together.


I could describe myself as an outgoing science student who loves art. I like the way saying, “life is art, and art is life” that I have persisted on spending 15 years learning art. Art is not just about doing artistic activities, but also the way we perform our creativity in our daily life. I believe all of us have unlimited creativity and we always use it to explore the source of our passion throughout our life. That is why I am here as this is my starting point towards my goal of becoming an art therapist.


I am ready to run this journey with you for better wellbeing in HWUM!

My Manifesto

As your VP of Wellbeing, my mission is to bridge the student body, HWUMSA and the university staff to work for better health and wellbeing in the university. I aim to drive a positive change to the university experience, strive to improve the student experience and maximize students’ welfare.


During my term, I will…

  • Be actively listening to voices from the HWUM community
  • Enhance effective communication within the university
  • Work with relevant parties to maximize students’ wellbeing
  • Improve the student accessibility and support systems in the university
  • Define potential issues and create solutions in terms of students’ needs

What motivated me to nominate myself?

  • My impact statement. I am an illustrator. My purpose is to use my unlimited creativity and professionalism to create happiness and guide people to live with enthusiasm as well as positive well-being. I endeavour to inspire people to identify their sense of enthusiasm towards life.
  • My experience. Since I joined HWUM in my foundation, I have been through a lot as a part of the HWUM community. Especially during the term of 22/23, working as the Wellness Officer of HWUMSA and the President of the Chinese Cultural Society, I have gained not only soft skills but also valuable life experience from my leadership roles. The term of 23/24 would be my third year in HWUMSA, hoping that I could bring my best to the student council.
  • My passion for change. Being a student myself and during my terms of different duties, I realised that many changes are needed to improve the current student experience. This motivates me to work together with an ambitious team to create a better environment for our university.

My top three priorities

I prioritize 3“E”s:

  • Enthusiasm

As a leader with interests and values, taking action to positively change the community, working towards common goals, needs and wants.

  • Engagement

As an engaged listener, being actively and meaningfully engaged, effectively communicating, providing feedback and building a stronger connection to the community.

  • Empathy

As an empathetic friend, building trust in communication, taking different perspectives, understanding needs and providing appropriate support.

What would I bring to the role?


  • Professionalism in running a supportive department and providing useful resources as well as experience for the student council.
  • A leader who empowers potential individuals and provides them with opportunities for self-improvement and self-development.
  • A connection with each department to share values and goals, and work together for a better future for the student council.



  • A support system for the HWUM community to address issues and concerns about university experiences.
  • A platform to provide solutions or feedback for issues about students’ welfare and seek improvement of facilities as well as the environment of the university.
  • An effective communicator between students and relevant parties in the university.
  • A channel to convey wellbeing-related messages and increase awareness of healthy wellbeing in university life.


To You

  • A friendly and outgoing buddy who listens to your thoughts and cares about your wellbeing in the university.
  • An opportunity to learn and develop yourself while working together for better university life.
  • A student with psychology background who works for mental health and wellbeing.
  • An individual who strives together with you on the way to study-life balance.

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