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Sonia Kang Jia Yi

Candidate for


Quantity Surveying Y1

"Your vote is your voice."

How to reach me?

Instagram: @soniakng ; @teamtophwum
Mobile: +60122911318

Speech Recording

My Biography

Hello everyone, my name is Sonia, and I am running for the Treasurer position in HWUMSA for the academic year of 2023/24. I am currently studying Year 1 QS and am turning 19 this year. A little about me is that I like going out with friends and trying out new hobbies whenever I have time.


I have had experience as a treasurer in both high school and in a university setting, albeit for smaller projects and clubs I was interested in. I am a very observant person and will usually catch on onto small details or mistakes. One of my more technical strengths is that I am familiar with Excel as well as similar applications, and know my way around organising my work.

My Manifesto

1. carry out my duties with efficiency to ensure that events and activities will be carried out as per schedule,

2. allocate fair and appropriate budgeting to all clubs, societies and other groups that may require funding and financial support, and

3. provide clear and concise documentation such as financial reports and statements so that they comply and adhere to procurement guidelines.

What motivated me to nominate myself?

My history of managing finances in projects and clubs has allowed me to obtain skills and develop characteristics that are fit for a treasurer. I believe that I can utilise what I have learnt for the benefit of the student body as well as HWUMSA. I have always thought that the current Treasurer of HWUMSA, Pui Leng, did a wonderful job even with no financial background. I find her admirable and it gave me the motivation to run for this position. By running for this position, I wish to maintain and even further the quality and efficiency of HWUMSA, as well as the Treasurer role.

My top three priorities

1. Accountability

Taking responsibility for my job and my actions. Doing tasks on time and efficiency to ensure the schedule stays on track. Releasing financial statements promptly and accurately and checking for any errors or mistakes.

2. Transparency

Provide clear and transparent documentation.

3. Opportunity

Taking the position as a chance to develop and expand on weaker aspects of HWUMSA and improving the student experience.

What would I bring to the role?

What I would bring to HWUMSA

The capabilities and skills I can provide to the team would be valuable as they allow tasks and jobs to be done more timelier and accurately. I would uphold my duties and do my part as Treasurer so that everyone in the team can work together to contribute to HWUMSA in their own roles.

What I would bring to HWUM

I want to help grow the school by reaching out and working with other schools in Malaysia. Hold intercampus events and activities across the two other campuses of Heriot-Watt. Students can interact and meet with different people across different local and international universities.

What I would bring to you

Following one of my team's main priorities, transparency, I will adhere to being honest and forthcoming about my doings in HWUMSA. I would also be open and approachable to students that have any questions about our operations or have any suggestions that would make the experience on campus for students better.

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