Tay See Jie

Candidate for


Actuarial Science Y2

"Growth & Opportunities"

How to reach me?

Instagram: @seejie_ ; @teamgo2022
Email: st2011@hw.ac.uk
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/tay-see-jie

Speech Recording

My Biography

Hi people! I'm See Jie, a second year actuarial science student and I'm running for Secretary of the 2022/23 term of HWUMSA. People often describe me as a supportive and reliable person. I find happiness in giving back and empowering the people around me as I believe that helping others is the way we help ourselves.

My Manifesto

Currently serving as the Secretary of HWUMSA of this term, I have garnered the experience, understanding, and expertise that can be found in a solid candidate for Secretary. Working with the Secretariat Team, I have learnt a lot from my peers and also developed ideas and solutions on how the Secretariat Team can better serve the council and students of HWUM. I will execute these plans I have and establish an efficient and professional council to fully support club & societies, class representatives and also the students of HWUM to the best of my ability.


As your Secretary, I will implement the 3E’s which are:

  • ESTABLISH a solid structure of the documentation system that will create a smooth handover process to the future coming terms of HWUMSA, by standardizing the documentation and monthly reports
  • EMBRACE the voices and feedback of HWUMANs to enhance student life experience, by introducing more manpower who are well-versed in council matters to attend to queries and opinions of students
  • ENFORCE an efficient and supportive Secretariat Team that will bring out the best in the council and also the students of HWUM

What motivated me to nominate myself?

I have truly enjoyed my experience during my term in HWUMSA and I thank myself for making the choice to apply for the council last year. I never would have thought that I would be where I am today, running for student council. Through this experience, I am passionate in advocating for students to challenge themselves and take up opportunities that can be discovered here in HWUM. Serving as the current Secretary of HWUMSA and working alongside my buddies from Team GO, I am determined to realize my visions for the council if I am given the opportunity and serve as a backbone of the new term of HWUMSA.

My top three priorities

  1. Standardizing the documentation structure of the council to ensure stability of reporting procedures in the long term
  2. Practice a friendly and engaging attitude to all concerns and feedback from students to let students know that each and everyone of the students’ voices are heard
  3. Restructure and lead the secretariat team that will support and work closely with each department of the council which will lead to higher efficiency and smoother workflow

What would I bring to the role?


  • A well-trained team of secretaries to facilitate and support operations of each department
  • A conducive space for growth and opportunities for HWUMSA officers to achieve their utmost potential
  • A deep understanding in the communications and operations of the council


  • An efficient council that will enhance the student experience in HWUM
  • Maintaining and expanding the inter-university connections made by previous terms of the council
  • Supporting the university staff in enhancing student experience matters


  • A safe and efficient system for students to voice out opinions or concerns
  • Provide opportunities to learn and enhance yourself by introducing more diverse officer roles into the council
  • A friendly and approachable council that will serve as a point of contact for student matters

Please support me and Team GO! #VoteforTeamGO