HW Cup - Captain Ball

Tournament Schedule
3rd November, Saturday
Venue: TBD
Rules & Regulations

General Rules

  1. This is a mixed gender tournament and each house may send in only 1 team.

  2. Each team will comprise 10 players with minimum of 3 female players.

  3. Games are played with 7 players a side (including 1 Captain/Catcher) and there must be at least 2 female player in the team at any point during the game.

  4. The tournament will be played in a point system where:
    - Win   = 3 points
    - Draw = 2 point
    - Lose  = 0 point

  5. The game will be played in 2 halves, each lasting 7 minutes. In the event of an injury, the umpire will call time and the time keeper will pause the timer. A maximum of one minutes is allowed for an injury.

  6. A substitute player can enter the playing area from the substitution line in front of the timekeeper’s table only after the player being substituted has left the court.

  7. Players will be given 1 minute rest time during half-time and both teams will switch sides during the half-time break interval.

  8. Teams are required to wear their house shirts for easy differentiation between teams

  9. Captains/Catchers on the stands are only allowed to be substituted during the half-time break intervals when both teams are required to switch sides.

  10. Participants must arrive at the Taman Pancarona by 1040hr for registration on competition day.

  11. A walkover will be announced if any team fails to report at the court 5 minutes after their stated timeslot.

  12. Participants are reminded to take care of their belongings. Organizer will not be responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings.

  13. No changes of team members will be allowed after the submission of the registration forms.

  14. Participants will have to bring their own training attires and student cards.

  15. Match time slot will not be changed to cater to any participants’ timing.

  16. Only those involved in the match are allowed in the courts.

  17. Game rules (please refer Annex A below) apply and all decisions made by the organizers will be final.

  18. In the event of a tie of marks, the goal difference will be used to determine the winner.

A. Scoring a Goal

  1. A goal/point is scored when the captain/catcher takes possession of the ball with both hands while remaining on the stand for at least 3 seconds.

  2. Should the captain/catcher be unable to hold on to the ball, he is allowed to throw the ball back into the playing area to continue the game play.

  3. No direct passing of balls to the captain/catcher is allowed – the ball must be released from the player’s hands to the captain/catcher.

  4. Half court rule applies in the game play – players are only allowed to score in the opposition half of the court.

  5. A ball thrown directly at the captain/catcher from the throw-in line will not be considered a goal – at least a pass is needed to attempt the goal.

  6. After a goal is scored, the game restarts by the team which has conceded the goal starting the ball from the end line at their defensive half of the court.

B. Attacking

  1. Captains/Catchers must be on the stands at all times. Substitutions of captains/catchers are only allowed during half-time break intervals, with the exception of injuries.

  2. Attackers are not allowed to enter the defender's box. A foul may be given for each offense.

  3. Attackers are not allowed to score from the end lines or behind the captain/catcher.

  4. Attackers may jump from within the court and land outside of the playing area. However, the ball must leave their hands before they land or it will be considered to be out-of-court.

  5. During game play, if the ball is hit out-of-court by a defender, ball possession will be given to the attackers who will take a throw-in from the spot where the ball went out.

  6. No direct passing allowed between players – the ball must be released from one player’s hands to another player.


C. Defending

  1. Defenders are not allowed to defend from the end lines or behind the captain/catcher. For every infringement committed, a penalty pass will be awarded to the attacking team.

  2. Defenders may jump from within the court and land outside of the playing area. If the defender stands outside the playing area  to defend the ball, a penalty pass will be awarded to the attacking team. In the situation where the defender happens to land outside of the playing area before tapping the ball out, ball possession will still be awarded to the attacking team.

  3. Defenders are not allowed to touch or push the captains/catchers from the opposing team. For every infringement committed, a penalty pass will be awarded to the attacking team.

  4. If the captain/catcher does not catch the ball fully with both hands, defenders from opposing team are allowed to tap the ball away.

  5. Referees may issue warnings/sending-offs if players keep repeating the same foul.

  6. When a foul is committed, ball possession is awarded to the opposing team as according to the game rules. The opposing team must play the ball from the point where the foul was committed immediately, without the use of any actions to deliberately stall time.

D. Defensive Fouls

  1. Obstruction - When the defender is less than 1 metre away (circle of angle) from the player with ball possession.

  2. Contact on the ball - When the defender swats the ball away from the hands of the player before it is released.

  3. Contact on the player - When the defender hits the hand/s of the attacking player.


E. Travelling Foul

  1. When the players run or walk with the ball in possession.

  2. If players are running to catch the ball, they can only take 1 step after catching hold of the ball.

  3. If players are stationary with ball possession, they can only move 1 step while the landing foot is in the same position (pivot foot). Changing the position of the pivot foot will also result in a travelling foul.


F. Holding Foul

  1. When players hold possession of the ball for more than 3 seconds.


G. Kicking Foul

  1. When players deliberately use their legs to play the ball.

  2. However, if the ball comes into contact with a player’s legs accidentally, game play continues.


H. Half-court Scoring Foul

  1. When players score from their own defending halves of the court

  2. When this foul occurs, the goal will not be counted and the opposing team will gain possession of the ball at the half-court sidelines.

I. Types of Passes Following a Foul

  1. Penalty Pass

    • Awarded to opposing team when a player commits a defensive foul.

    • A penalty pass is taken where the foul is committed.

    • When a penalty pass is awarded, at least 1 pass is required before an attempt to score.

    • The opponent player that committed the foul is required to stand next to the player who is making the pass.

  2. Free Pass

    • Awarded to the opposing team when a player commits all other fouls except defensive fouls.

    • A free pass is taken where the foul is committed.

    • When a free pass is awarded, at least 1 pass is required before an attempt to score.

Format & Pairings
7 v 7 with 3 substitution
Seeding Matches: League
Championship Match 5 and 6 will be conducted on the HW Cup Finale
Seeding Pairing
SeedingMatch 1
Match 2
Match 3
Match 4
Match 5
Seeding Match 6
Seeding Results
1st Runner Up
2nd Runner Up
3rd Runner Up
*Seeding Result will determine pairing for championship match
Championship Pairing
Championship Match 1
Championship Match 2
Championship Match 3
Championship Match 4
Championship Match 5
Championship Match 6
Championship Standings
1st Runner Up
2nd Runner Up
3rd Runner Up
Team Lineup will be posted one week before the tournament