HW Cup - Tug of War

Rules & Regulations

  1. Team Requirements

    • This is a mixed gender tournament and each house may send in only 1 team.

    • Each team can only register a maximum of NINE (9) players inclusive of ONE (1) substitute; (8 + 1).

    • Each player may only play for one team.

    • Participants MUST be Heriot-Watt University Malaysia students with valid student IDs.

  2. Category

    • a) Category 1: Senior Boys

      • Outdoor in Ground Competition

      • EIGHT (8) members with a total team weight of 600KG maximum.

      • Only 1 substitute is allowed.

    • b) Category 2: Senior Boys and Girls Mixed (Four + Four)

      • Outdoor in Ground Competition

      • EIGHT (8) members comprising of FOUR (4) girls and FOUR (4) boys.

      • A total team weight of 540KG maximum.

      • Only 1 substitute is allowed.

  3. Games

    • Teams shall consist of eight pulling members at the start of a competition. Once a team has pulled, no substitutes are permitted.

    • Team weigh-in will be done at the beginning of the event where participants are required to remove any form of extra accessories such as shoes, glasses and watches.

    • There may only be one replacement during the event with the permission of the Judge.

    • Most Tug of War matches are completed in a best of three format, and the objective is to beat the competition and win the match by winning at least two of the three pulls in the match. Within each pull, the objective is to win by pulling the opposition and the opposition’s 4m marker towards the centre so that the mark passes the centre line, resulting in a win.

    • It is not possible to tie a Tug of War match.

    • The rope must be pulled underarm and nobody’s elbow must go below the knee, otherwise a foul will be called.

  4. Substitution

    • For Category 2: Senior Boys and Girls Mixed, the substitute can only replace a participant of the same gender. Male substitute replacing a female participant is NOT permitted and vice versa.

    • The substitute may replace any one puller for the duration of the competition. After the substitution has taken place, no other such changes may occur.

    • Substitution may be used for tactical reasons or due to injury. Substitution may only take place after the team has weighed-in, and has finished the first end of the first match it pulls in. The replaced puller shall not participate in any subsequent matches of that weight-class.

    • Minimum Number of Puller: A second substitution will not be permitted. If a second injury occurs, the team is allowed to continue with seven pullers. A team is not allowed to continue a competition with less than seven pullers.

    • If Substitute player is overweight and not adjusted in the team in any condition than the over weight of the player will be disqualified to participate as substitute team member

  5. Misconduct

    • Any behavioural misconduct won’t be tolerated by the organisers or the referees and may result in the team being disqualified.

    • On matchday, each team is not allowed to be more than 5-minutes late for the scheduled game. Any lateness that goes beyond the allocated 5-minutes will result in disqualification.

    • It is MANDATORY for every participant to wear their respective house t-shirts; failure to do so will result in disqualification.