Rules & Regulations


To be eligible to compete in HWUM public speaking contest, a contestant must:


  1. Be a student of HWUM 2019/2020.

  2. Each contestant must be physically present to compete.



  1. Houses will send a group of 4 players to compete. A substitute is allowed
    in case a participant is unable to attend.

  2. The seat number (1-4) of the players must be decided among
    themselves beforehand.

  3. All 4 groups will face off in a round-robin contest of 4v4 games. (Total of
    3 matches for each house). The games are arranged by seat number.

  4. A team scores 2 points if they win a match (by getting the superior point
    tally over 4 games), 1 point if it is drawn, and 0 points for a loss.

  5. The time control is 15+0.

  6. Contestants are required to download and use the Chess Clock app for
    time control.

  7. After 3 rounds, the two teams with the highest score advance to the
    finals; the other two teams face off in the 3 rd place playoff. In case of an
    equal score, the tiebreak will be the number of games won.

  8. Both the finals and 3 rd place playoff will again be a 4v4 competition with
    15+0 time control. If a winner cannot be decided from the 4 games, then
    the teams will repeat the match with 5+0 time control

  9. Stay back for group photos.