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  1. Event Planning

2. Submit Application & Forms

3. Publicity & Marketing

4. Execution

5. Post Mortem


You will need:

  • Date and Time of Event 

  • Timeline of Execution  

  • Program Flow 

  • Budget and Source of Income 

  • Target number of participants 

  • Venue and Equipment needed 

Start planning at least 1 month in advance!

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& Other Forms

For online events, you will need:

  1. Event Application Form​

  2. Proposal Form

For physical events, you will need:

  1. Event Application Form​

  2. Proposal Form

  3. HIRARC Assessment Form

  4. Venue Booking

    • book your venue @

  5. Facilities Request Form

  6. Letter of Indemnity

  7. Activity Information Sheet

Event Finances

Find these forms in our sharepoint!

There are 3 methods to finance your event: Vendor System, Pay & Claim, and Cash Advance. 

Check if you are able to purchase your items through the university's registered vendor list (ps: list is in the sharepoint)

Vendor System: preferred by university

Use the university's credit card to make online purchases with international vendors or when you require payment by AMEX

Online Payment: university's credit card

  • fill in the pay & claim form, along with expense table and relevant receipts

  • send it to your community officers with your event report within 3 days after the event

Pay & Claim: pay first, claim later

  • fill in and submit the cash advance form minimum 1 month before funds are needed

  • send the balance and relevant receipts to HWUMSA after the event

Cash Advance (for more than RM500)

Submit your forms
(at least one month before) to:

Publicty & Marketing

Make sure your event has enough publicity!

Contact your respective Community Officer for help:

  1. Arts & Culture - 

  2. Community Service - 

  3. Sports - 

  4. Professional Development - 

For events that aren't under clubs, please contact our VP of community for help:

  1. Vice President Community -


Event Execution

Keys to a successful event:

  1. Proper prior planning

  2. Have well-informed volunteers

  3. For physical events: Proper SOP & social distancing

  4. Remember to have fun too!

Remember to take pictures!

Post Mortem

  1. Have a post mortem with your team to reflect and learn for the future!

  2. Submit your event report (with pictures) to HWUMSA within 1 week after the event

  3. If it was a budgeted event, submit your event report and claims form within 5 working days after the event

Organized Files

Find everything you need for events here!


For more information, contact the HWUMSA Community Department: