September Orientation

Hello September! Your very own Student Association have prepared a series events for you to enjoy throughout your entire oreintation!

Your orientation will begin  on the 28th and will end on the 30th of September

Throughout your orientation, you will be briefed about the university.

Battle Of The Houses

The battle of the houses is a challenge that will commence on the start of the September Orientation. 

Battle of  the houses will be a year long event. The finale will take place in February 2018. 

Every month, a competition will be held, it  may include sports or simply

in-class trivia quizzes. 

Points will be given to each house every month. It'll then be accumulated and updated on the day of the finale. 

You can view the live updates 

Fresher's Night

Fresher's night has been organised to welcome all freshers! 

This will be held on the 30th of September from 6.30pm tp 9.30pm.

It's a night to chill and relax while jamming to your favorite songs!

Live in the moment and indulge it while you can!


Vibrant HWUM is run by our administration officers alongside with the clubs, societies and students in the university. 

This project has been launched to promote a healthy, creative and colourful lifestyle on our campus.

On the 20th of September, a suicide prevention event will be held on campus.