HW Cup - FIFA 2019

Rules & Regulations

  1. Each House can send up to a maximum of 3 representatives to participate in this tournament.

  2. Each participant can only enter the FIFA 18 tournament once. Multiple entries by the same person is strictly prohibited.

  3. Participants will have to wear the House Jersey throughout the competition.

  4. Players are allowed to pause the match with the verbal consent of the referee.

  5. No coaching is allowed when the match is ongoing.

  6. There will be 4 groups. Each Groups will consist of 3 players, one from each house.

  7. Each Group will compete in a round robin tournament

  8. The qualifiers will be conducted as a round robin.

  9. In the Qualifiers stage, points awarded are as such:

    1. Victory: 3 Points

    2. Draw: 1 Points

    3. Lose: 0 Points

  10. In case of a tie in points during the qualifier stage, the tie-breaker will be as follow in order:

    1. Goal Difference

    2. Number of Goals Scored

    3. Head-to-Head Result

    4. Drawing Lots by Official

  11. Two players from each group will proceed to the quarterfinals.

  12. Game Settings are as below:

    1. Difficulty Level: World Class

    2. Half Length: 4 Minutes

    3. Specific Controller Setting Exceptions: Legacy Defence prohibited

    4. Time/Score display: On

    5. Camera: Tele Broadcast

    6. Radar: 2D

    7. HUD: Indicator

    8. Custom tactics and Custom Formations are allowed

    9. Players can select any national or club team. All Stars Team will be banned.

    10. Extra Time:

      1. In Qualifiers: No Extra Time

      2. In Quarter Finals, Semi Finals & Finals: Extra Time rules as follows: extra time of two (2) minute halves will be played in the event of a draw after regulation time. Penalties will decide the winner if after extra time the scores are level.