HW Cup - Frisbee

Rules & Regulations

General Rules

  1. All costume jewellery has to be removed before each match play. Piercings that cannot be removed may be covered using a band aid. 

  2. Participant's nails should be kept short and clean.

  3. Each house can only send one team to the tournament.

  4. All teams must register before the commence of each match. If teams do not arrive before their game, a maximum of 3 minutes will be waited for their arrival. If they fail to arrive within 3 minutes, the team will be take as a walkover and their opponent will be awarded the victory. 

  5. All participants have to wear their respective house shirts.

  6. Duration of each match is 45 minutes: 20 minutes for each halves and 5 minutes break in between.

  7. The official rules can be found here.

  8. Frisbee is a self-refereed sport. The game will not have any referee. Players will call and resolve fouls on the field.

  9. Two linesman and a scorekeeper will be present to keep track of the score. The linesman will be placed at the end zone to help determine whether a goal has been scored.