You can fund your club operations by:

Fundraising Wednesday

The most straightforward way to fund your club's operation is by selling items: merchandises, foods etc.

  • HWUMSA organises multiple platforms for clubs to raise funds sell items and raise funds. Get in touch with our officers to know when the next fundraising event is!

  • Alternatively, you can organise your own fundraising events, which you are free to do so every Wednesdays. You can visit here to know more about how to organise your own fundraising event.

  • You can also design your own merchandise and sell it to the students. Do take note that if you are using the university's logo, there are certain guidelines that you need to follow. Contact our officers for more info. 

  • Start your own fundraising now

Funding from HWUMSA

The student association supports clubs to organise events for students. We will determine the amount sponsored based on:

  • Number of HWUM students involved

  • Impact on the HWUM community

  • Intended usage of the funds

  • Overall Planning of the Event

External Sponsorships

For larger scale events, you can also approach external organisations for in-kind sponsorship and/or monetary sponsorship. It is important to consider their return of investment (ROI) when approaching them for sponsorships.

Do bear in mind that there are certain guidelines to follow for external sponsorships:

  • The sponsored fund shall be deposited into the university's bank account. You will be able to withdraw the money with the university after it is deposited. 

  • You will need to keep a proof of transaction stating the amount sponsored and the intended use of the funds. This proof must be acknowledged in writing by the sponsor and your club.

Our officers will be able to help you to construct a good sponsorship package that can attract external sponsors.