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The Indonesian Cultural Society of HWUM that has been established as part of the PPI (Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia) in Malaysia, basically works as an association for all indonesian students in Heriot Watt University Malaysia. Our aims are to build up the sense of togetherness between all the indonesian students, help new students to tackle culture shock, and provide help whenever they needed. All of these will be achieved by conducting several events such as gathering, breakfasting, competition and etc. in conclusion, our goal is to build this society that could benefit all the members inside and could be a home for indonesian students to express their trueselves and skill development throughout their time within the university. 

Modern Office
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Valentina Nicson, Vice President

Phone No: +601116168611 

Student Email:

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Victricius Vinnleo, President

Phone No: +60172732746 

Student Email: vv23@

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Jevon Shanahan 

(PIC of Club Membership)

Phone No: +6289657690832 (WA)

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