Joshua Tan Tze Chong

VP Community Candidate

Actuarial Science Year 1

"Strive for Excellence"

Joshua Tan - Photo.jpg

How to reach me?

Instagram: @joshttc


My Manifesto

Hi! I’m Joshua, and I am running for HWUMSA vice president of community. 

Why me? I have experience in leadership, developing good communication and interpersonal skills. I am also good at time-management and multitasking, being able to organise, prioritise and work efficiently. I believe that these traits make me an ideal candidate. 


My Tenure Priorities: 

Make community feedback easier and more convenient. 

I plan to create a feedback form and put the link on HWUMSA social media websites for easier and more convenient communication between HWUMSA and students. 


Elect an International Student Officer. 

The officer will be in charge of welcoming international students to help them settle into university life and will be a first point contact regarding any inquiries, guidance and support.  


Revamp the orientation programme. 

A new orientation programme that allows more interaction between students by assigning current students in groups with new students, which would allow new students to better find a community for themselves. 


Increase inter-university engagements. 

A budget to encourage more collaborations (i.e., competitions, games etc) between Heriot-Watt Universities and other universities. 


Improve sustainability on campus. 

Better sustainability practices embedded within the University that will create a culture of sustainability while developing student knowledge and awareness of sustainable practices, skills and attitudes (i.e., Eco-Week).  


My vision is that the Tenure Prioritises will steer Heriot-Watt’s community to be one of warmth and comradeship. And with everyone’s support, I am confident that we will make Heriot-Watt known for the vibrancy of our community.  

What motivated me to nominate myself?

I believe that this is an opportunity for me to actively participate and contribute to the university community as I have not been very active during my part two years in Heriot-Watt.  

My top three priorities

  • Improve intra and inter university community engagement, to make students feel that they are part of a community and that they are welcomed and included. 


  • Implement sustainability policies/organise more “green-events”. 

  • Improve transparency and ease of feedback between students and HWUMSA. 

What would I bring to the role?

With my experience in leadership, I can bring a new ideas and approach to how HWUMSA Community Team runs. I have always adapted a democratic leadership style as I believe everyone’s opinions should be heard and respected. I believe that communication and transparency between committees is crucial for the success of HWUMSA and I would strive to see them implemented throughout my tenure.