Marketing & Publicity

If you require HWUM, HWUMSA, house or club logos for your publicity material, you can obtain it here.


The most effective way to publicise an event or publicise your own club is through face-to-face interaction. Publicise your club or event by:

  • Joining our next carnival or fund raising event. Contact our officers to know when are the upcoming carnivals that you can join.

  • Set up your own stall! The best place to attract crowd is at the plaza and the foyers. You can get resources on how to organise your own stalls here.

Tip: Be creative! ​Just setting up a stall will not be effective. Make sure you have interesting activities or content in your stalls to attract the crowd.


HWUMSA Socials

HWUMSA is active on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and our website.


If you would like us to feature your events on our socials, simply email us your event poster and description as well as contact details to Nuha at

Live Calendar - Watt's Next?

We maintain a live calendar showcasing all events happening within the university.


To have your event added to our calendar,  email us your event poster, description as well as contact details to Nuha at

HWUMSA IG Takeover

We currently have a new weekly segment where clubs can takeover our Instagram page for a day to promote themselves. If your club is interested, simply contact Nuha at

Your own page on our website

The student association maintains a simple writeup of your club here on our website. You can make changes to your profile by emailing Nuha at


Alternatively, you may also request for your own page to be featured on our website and manage its contents personally. Just email your request to Nuha at

Create your own publicity platform

You can also create your own social media platforms: Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram — even Twitter. Build your audience to make your platform more engaging!



We have notice boards installed throughout the campus. You will be required to follow a few guidelines before being permitted to post your posters on them:

  • All posters must be A5 size only.

  • Posters must be stamped and approved by Puan Sharifah. You may pass your posters to Ain at reception for it to be stamped and approved. 

  • You are in charge of posting your own posters. You may retrieve the keys to the locked notice boards from Ain at the reception. 

  • You are in charge of removing your posters after your event. Posters must be removed upon completion of event. Failure to do so might result in your club being blacklisted.

If you would like to post on HWUMSA's notice boards (West Wing Level 2 & East Wing Level 2), pass your approved posters to Nuha and we will arrange for it to be posted accordingly. 

Also, feel free to post your posters at the stores in LG after you have obtained the approval from the respective store owners. 


Flyers can be a great way to get your message out if you distribute it at the right places at the right time. Try pairing it up with your stalls or distributing it during lunch time to achieve maximum audience. Flyers also need to be stamped by SSS.