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September 2020

QUOTES of the Month

“Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do” – John Wooden 

Ink & Parchment

Should I Note Take?

Welcome to first ever article of Ink & Parchment. This week we will be going back to basics and tell you why you should start picking up that pen. 


Note-taking is the act of jotting down information into a physical format as a permanent record. Some people might find note taking to be hard and a waste of time, we have come up with two reasons why you should start taking those notes now: 



To be able to have focus in class, you would need to give full attention on the speaker (which can be very hard to do, especially when it is online). Note taking can act as an aid to help students stay focus in class as you are actively listening and finding key points to write. 



When we take notes, we tend to summarize long paragraphs, maybe into bullet point or even draw diagrams to further understand the concept. A good note would help you easily recall learning material when there is a test coming up, act as a reference, and can also act an engaging learning material; such as flashcards. 

Whether it be typing on the computer or writing down in a book with a pen. Note-taking can play a huge role in our learning performance. Now that we have told you why should take down notes, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to writing those note down! 

Carlos Augustine, BEng/MEng Mechanical Engineering Year 3. 

Carlos is a bright person who balances his life between being a student and being the President of HWUMSA. His ambitions and vision are here to bring real change.  


Carlos has actively participated in activities outside of school. Since his secondary school days, he has taught adults Aikido from extensive experience, actively partake in the Church, and started his career in HWUMSA as MFP Officer to running as the current president. Carlos has a burning passion to bring great impacts.  

With an appreciation for jazz and acoustic music, Carlos enjoys the taste of a well-prepared food and has a deep compassionate relationship with coffee. At 15 years old, he made his first cup of latte from scratch and now, has fallen in love with the art of coffee making. He plans on opening an indie coffee shop serving authentic coffee, later in his retirement days. 

Star of the Month




Watt’s Victoire celebrates the of the students of Heriot Watt University Malaysia. From ventures within the university to impacts on the global scale. We celebrate each achievement by showcasing the talents of each student who has brought pride to the university. 


Some of you may know what a social enterprise is, but did you know that there is one being built and grown right here in our very own university? 

Originally the idea started in September 2019 to build a digester for Happy Café but joining the University Start-Up Challenge (USC), held by Magic, inspired the group to turn it into more than just a project. After receiving funds with the help of Empower Programme the business was established and soon, a digester was on its way on being built. This was the start of their impact statement coming to life.  

In August 2020, a pilot test digester was successfully built by a team of 10 people. To be able to do this in just the span of about one year, despite facing the unforeseen circumstances of Covid, is an amazing feat but definitely not an easy one.  

Teamwork is one of the factors to their success and the main value of the company. Putting together the technical skills and strengths from their past experience has helped them to shape Biosekitar to what it is today. They also couldn’t have done it without the support and mentorship of lecturers from different schools who have helped them in both technical and business aspects of the company.

Despite being from engineering background with no business skills or knowledge, they had gained useful (learned) insights on building a company through USC as well as experiences from joining clubs and other student activities. 

Thanks to the amazing team of Biosekitar who have provided a simple diagram to explain how the food digester works. Food waste is first collected and crushed in the food crusher. After that, it is poured into a bio digester where it decomposes for 30 days and creates methane gas and slurry. The methane gas is then used for cooking and the slurry is for fertiliser. They are also working on a cloud server to manage the machine remotely and make it user friendly.  


This company has definitely opened their eyes towards making a change in the community. They have not only gained new skills but also a life-changing experience. The support they have received has pushed them to make future plans of helping communities in rural areas to generate their own cooking gas while still sustaining the business. 


Let’s show them some love and support by checking out their Instagram: @biosekitarenterprise and their website:  

From a simple project for tackling food wastage issues, Biosekitar ended up turning into a real business. Started by a group of engineering students of different specialisations, Biosekitar Enterprise became a food waste management company that converts food waste into cooking gas. 

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Orientation Week

From the 7th until 11th September 2020, new intake students were given the chance to go through Orientation week, a specific program catered to new students of HWUM to introduce to the campus and set off path into their learning journey. The program lasted for a week and was conducted by the University, in collaboration with Heriot-Watt University Malaysia Student Association (HWUMSA). 

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