How to organise an event?

Step 1: Planning

Form your organising team. Work on the details of the event. Ideally, the team should work on:

  • Date and Time of Event

  • Timeline of Execution

  • Program Flow

  • Budget and Source of Income

  • Target number of participants

  • Venue and Equipments needed

*Make sure you start your planning early. At least one month before the date of the event.

Step 2: Submit an Application

Submit your event application. A complete event application form should

include the following:

*Clubs should submit their respective event application form to their respective HWUMSA Club Officers one month before the event.

Step 3: Publicity & Marketing

Make sure your event receives enough publicity. Reach out to your target audience. If you need help with publicity & marketing, you can refer to our resources on marketing & publicity.

If you need further advice, feel free to contact your respective HWUMSA Club Officers.

Step 4: Execution

After weeks and months of hard work, the big day will finally arrive! While you

are running the event, don't forget to have fun yourself. 


The key to a successful event is proper planning and well informed volunteers. Make sure your volunteers are well informed on their roles on the day itself. 

Step 5: Post Mortem & Event Report

After the event has concluded, it's time for reflection. Host a post mortem with your team. This is where you learn from your mistakes so that you can improve further in your future events.

Remember to submit an event report to the Student Association latest one week after your event has concluded. 

Organising an Event

You can organise an event under any club or department in the university. If you are not affiliated with any club or university department, you can contact us and organise the event under HWUMSA.

You can get all the necessary resources here.

Here are some of the people that will be able to help you with your event:

General Enquiries: Anis Nadhirah,

Sports Club:  Toh Yan Qin,

Professional Development Club: Sai Vishnu,

Community Service Club: Danraaj,

Arts and Culture Club: Athalia,