Sai Vishnu Majji Ganeswara Rao

President Candidate

ABF Year 3

"Collab, Connect, Communicate!"

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How to reach me?

Instagram: @saivishnu2612; @teamboleh2021


Mobile: +6012-9791051

My Manifesto

Hello There! 

My name Sai Vishnu, a 1998 baby hailing from Puchong. I describe myself as a people person, problem solver, and a motivational strategist. I strive to make meaningful connections and yearn to leave a positive impact wherever I go. I value and practice the qualities of excellence, professionalism, maturity, objectivity and empathy. My greatest strength would be my team leadership style. I advocate for the right organisation culture and am very in tune with the needs of the few and the many. I genuinely want to do my best to ensure a vibrant community where all students are valued and feel like they are part of something bigger during their time in university.  


As your HWUMSA President, I would…  


Develop and maintain support systems through designing systems for efficient feedback collection and timely responses, ensuring all student representatives act amicably in the best interest of students and make HWUMSA more present and open to our students. 


Forge alliances and build rapport by establishing meaningful connections and networks among different student groups internal to HWUM and on local and global scale through collaborative projects and events among Malaysian universities and with other HWU campuses. 


Emphasise inclusivity and involvement to ensure every student has an enriched university experience and graduates with fond memories by organising events aimed to general/specific student groups and provide more opportunities for leadership and teams.  Ensuring an impactful HWUMSA student body where every student’s opinion and decision matters to what we do and how we perform. 

What motivated me to nominate myself?

A year ago, when I ran for the VP Community, I had friends ask me why didn’t I go for the President role? At the time I answered that my motivation was to help students in the community in achieving their dreams and goals in university, creating opportunities for students to practice leadership and create a more positive, inclusive and welcoming environment for all. I felt that the VP Community role was best for that. 

Now when asked the same question a year later, after gaining the knowledge and experience from my current position, after encouraging words from university staff I’ve worked with and students I am friends with, I have a renewed sense of purpose and a wider vision. My work in HWUMSA is far from over and I would like the chance to realise the vision set from previous terms and bring new meaning to student representation. 

My top three priorities

S.A.I (Support, Alliances, Inclusivity) 


I would prioritise Support, by developing a more efficient system in hearing and responding to feedback that is both effective and timely, ensuring that all student representatives receive the training needed to assist students in a proper and professional manner, and providing weekly sessions (online and on-campus) where students may approach HWUMSA on any matters. 


I would prioritise Alliances, by working towards establishing meaningful connections and networks internally among different student groups by fostering more collaborative efforts as well taking a local and global approach by setting a number of projects and events among Malaysian universities and with other HWU campuses. 


I would prioritise Inclusivity, firstly by developing a steady flow of events aimed to the general and specific student groups of HWUM, provide more opportunities for students to be involved in positions of leadership and teams, and ensuring that student involvement, feedback and opinions matter. 

What would I bring to the role?

To HWUMSA I bring: 

  • My vision and high standards for the student council  

  • The continued focus on TOP values (Transparency , Objectivity and Professionalism) 

  • An updated and efficient board structure and representation.  

  • An existing working relationship with university staff at HWU.  

To HWUM I bring: 

  • The ability to represent the Malaysian student body in its fullest form and interest at a global level.  

  • The knowledge I have gained from two previous terms in the student council and four as an active student in the community.  

To YOU I bring: 

  • The drive, motivation and commitment to do my very best despite the adversities and challenges ahead. 

  • A sense of understanding, empathy and resilience for our valued students.  

  • A team of like-minded individuals all striving for goals equally important to students. 

  • The ability to say BOLEH in every situation. 

Please support me and the other candidates of Team Boleh! #VoteforTeamBoleh 

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