Tournament Schedule
16th October, Wednesday
Venue: Student Common Room 4, West Wing
Rules & Regulations

General Rules

  1. Each house can only send one team to the tournament.

  2. All teams must register before the commence of each match. If teams do not arrive before their game, a maximum of 3 minutes will be waited for their arrival. If they fail to arrive within 3 minutes, the team will be take as a walkover and their opponent will be awarded the victory. 

  3. All participants have to wear their respective house shirts.



  1. A rally is the period which the ball is in play.            

  2. A let is a rally of which the result is not scored.    

  3. A point is a rally of which the result is scored.  

  4. The server is the player due to strike the ball first in the rally.

  5. The receiver is the player due to strike the ball second in a rally.

  6. The ball shall be regarded as passing over or around the net assembly if it passes anywhere other then between the net and the net post or between the net and the playing surface.


The Return

  1. The ball, having been served or returned shall be struck so that it passes over or around the net assembly and touches the opponents court, either directly or after touching the net assembly.


The Order of Play

  1. In singles the server shall make a first service and the receiver shall make a return and thereafter alternately shall each make a return.

  2. In doubles, the server shall first make a service, the receiver shall then make a return, the partner of the server shall then make a return, the partner of the receiver shall then make a return and thereafter each player in turn in that sequence shall make a return.


A Point

  1. Unless the rally is a let, a player shall score a point

    • if an opponent fails to make a correct service;

    • if an opponent fails to make a correct return;

    • if, after he or she has made a service or a return, the ball touches anything other than the net assembly before being struck by an opponent;

    • if the ball passes over his or her court or beyond his or her end line without touching his or her court, after being struck by an opponent;

    • if an opponent obstructs the ball;

    • if an opponent deliberately strikes the ball twice in succession;

    • if an opponent strikes the ball with a side of the racket blade whose surface does not comply with the requirements stated above.

    • if an opponent, or anything an opponent wears or carries, moves the playing surface;

    • if an opponent, or anything an opponent wears or carries, touches the net assembly;

    • if an opponent's free hand touches the playing surface;

    • if a doubles opponent strikes the ball out of the sequence established by the first server and first receiver; as provided under the expedite system.


A Game

  1. A game shall be won by a player or pair first scoring 11 points unless both players or pairs score 10 points, when the game shall be won by the first player or pair subsequently gaining a lead of 2 points.


A Match

  1. A Match will be the competition of 5 teams in 5 categories. 

  2. Each Match shall consist of 5 categories: Men's Single, Men's Double, Women's Single, Mixed Doubles, Singles.

  3. Each Category will be played even if a clear house winner has been determined for the match.

  4. Each Category will compete in a best of three set.

  5. Each Category will contribute one point to the overall match score for the winning house. 

Format & Pairings
14 players per team
Seeding Matches: League
Pairing will be determine on 17th October through drawing lots
Round Robin
Wyvern vs Hydra
Kraken vs Phoenix
Hydra vs Phoenix
Wyvern vs Kraken
Hydra vs Kraken
Phoenix vs Wyvern 
Participants List


1. Joshua Yim Wei Xiang, H00313251
2. Loy Yew Keinn, H00339599
3. Peter Holland, H00289097
4. Brainard Kho Jin Zong, H00254853
5. Archie MacPhail, H00272783
6. Kho Wai Yean, H00280914
7. Haw Yi Tze, H00276049

Anis Nadhirah Yasmin, H00234458
Tan Sui Lin, Renee; H00319090
Pang Xi En, H00307550


1. Ahmad Musa Bin Dhamiri Gunter, H00234187
2. Muhammad Farhan Bin Muzli, H00314915
3. Alex Bordwell, H00298104
4. Khoo Teng Ze, H00338740
5. Kew Zheng Hao, H00276062
6. Muhammad Ibrahim Nawaz, H00330879
7. Abdelsalam Ogail Abdelsalam El Hassan, H00315406

1. Chuah Shaogi, H00305419
2. Chua Ke Min, H00311888


1. Isaac Yong Jia Jun, H00308717
2. Tang Ying Shearn, H00336924
3. Low Thai Heng, H00332318
4. Ervin Chor Zi Jing, H00280659
5. Yap Wayn Kin, H00323413

1. Vivian Ting Mei Yao, H00331552
2. Sylvia Tan Shih Wei, H00327855
3. Nicole Chang Wen Wen, H00339269
4. Yap Sin Ying, H00281721


1. Danish Haikal Lau, H00323084 
2. Ng Bo Yang, H00307353
3. Tan Chun Wei, H00323425
4. Tan Rui Qin, H00333603
5. Wong Je Yi, H00281723
6. Wong Yong Han, H00334909

1. Alicia Charles Barker, H00334353
2. Chai Yoon Jing, H00283635
3. Lee Jac Sim, H00297590