Ngo Tean Shin

VP Academic Candidate

IBM with Enterprise Year 2

"Collab, Connect, Communicate!"

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How to reach me?

Instagram: @ntianxin; @teamboleh2021


Mobile: +6012-7200017

My Manifesto

Hello Dear HWUMans!  

I am Ngo Tean Shin, a 22 year old girl who is living in Kajang, studying International Business Management with Enterprise Y2. I am currently serving as the SOSS school officer at HWUMSA. I believe that I have the experience, commitment, and skills to lead the upcoming Academic Team in a better direction and ensure that the voices and opinions of our students are delivered to the supportive staff and lecturers for a better learning environment in HWUM. Working in the Academic department as a school officer made me realize there is room for improvements in learning and teaching experiences, especially during this corona pandemic.  

As your Vice President of Academics, here are the 3C’s I will carry out: 

  • COLLABORATION -Organize collaborative events between different schools (e.g., SOSS, MACS, EGIS, EPS & MFP), create opportunity for students to meet new faces from different programmes. 

  • CONNECTION -Build a bridge for students to have connection with senior students, alumni, and lecturers by organizing events and workshops via platforms available. 

  • COMMUNICATION -Improve the communication pertaining to academic issues and make sure students are aware of the accessibility to information and assistance provided. 

What motivated me to nominate myself?

I decided to run for Vice President of Academic for building my leadership and decision-making skills. The role description seems to be a great fit to enhance my interpersonal, leadership, and problem-solving skills. I am confident to lead the Academics Team to contribute to greater results and enhance the experience of HWUM students with the lecturers and staff. Furthermore, the support that I received from my colleagues, friends and family members boost my courage and confidence in nominating myself for this HWUMSA Election 2021/22. 

My top three priorities

  • Self-care -Identify what makes me happy, or what will make me happy. I personally love my school officer work. Happiness to me is succeeding, making a difference, and making a real impact through my work. 

  • Spirituality -Rather than succumbing to toxicity and negativity, I can make a change in my life and focus on living spiritually. Things that may seem comical, like listening to a soulful R&B song and looking at a tree in front of my house and just embracing this moment, this is what it means to smell the roses. 

  • Skill-learning -I have always been a lover of learning. Picking up new skills becomes a part of me, a better me. I believe that the diversity of my skills can bring a different dynamic into the team. People around me tend to get surprised by the skills that I picked up, especially the random ones. 

What would I bring to the role?

Thanks to my current experience as a SOSS School Officer, I know that this role will involve meeting tight deadlines. I developed the ability and comfortable working on several projects simultaneously while still meeting deadlines in my current position. 


I believe I can bring better teamwork into the role and the upcoming Academic Team 2021/22. I love being part of a team and do think that my communication skills add a lot of value here. As a school officer, I was working with officers in different parts of schools and departments. Meaning that communication was essential when working on projects together. I sent out weekly messages via Whatsapp so my team could make sure that everybody was on the same page in an efficient way. This extra communication added to the team dynamic, despite us working in different positions in different departments of the university. 

Please support me and the other candidates of Team Boleh! #VoteforTeamBoleh 

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