Thoginesh Ganesan

Secretary Candidate

Business & Finance Year 2

Thoginesh - Photo.jpg

My Manifesto

Hii there & good day to everyone! I’m Thoginesh & contending for the Secretary position in HWUMSA. For those who would like to know more about me (concisely), my hobbies consist mainly of reading & writing - which explains why I am running for this position as these activities are of my second nature & would definitely come in handy when handling a great deal of paperwork as a Secretary.  


I believe I am highly organized & have great time management skills & always have a planner with me wherever I go (holidays included). I am responsible with my priorities & can ensure that along with my academics, I will put my best foot forward in contributing to the team & students by being reliable, efficient, committed, & focused in completing tasks. I also have experiences with event planning & management through Foundation Club HWUM & Interact club in high school. I am fairly outspoken & believe in healthy communication & will use this platform to be the voice of other students in navigating through our university experience, collectively. The university experience entails more than earning a degree. If I were to be elected as the upcoming Secretary, I assure to address any dissatisfaction faced by students, to make a difference for the better. “Teamwork makes the dreamwork” & I would love to be a part of the upcoming board with the hopes of exploring new boundaries to create a fantastic experience for all students.  


Vote for Thoginesh! Thank you!

What motivated me to nominate myself?

In all honesty, my involvement in very few university activities was the key factor in nominating myself for the said position. I have always envisioned being a part of the student board and involving myself in the organization of university events. Towards the end of my Year 2 degree, I realized that I needed to step out of my comfort zone before it was too late. I have always admired other representatives’ will in taking meaningful steps in enhancing their university experience. That being said, I began feeling I was not living up to my potential although I do realize I am capable of contributing my skills to the organization. I believe that by being able to contribute to HWUMSA and other students overall, I will be able to live up to my highest potential while also redefining my own boundaries through the responsibilities and experience I will gain.  

My top three priorities

  • My utmost priority while serving for HWUMSA would be the team itself. I believe a strong team of students working together to create an overall improvement for other students are capable of reaching all organization goals. I am willing to go above and beyond in terms of being a great team player for the upcoming board if I were to be elected. 

  • Responsibility - I am well aware that being a Secretary comes with ample duties & tasks that will require my fullest attention. I believe that by being organized & consistent I will be able to handle any amount of tasks assigned to me, regardless of other commitments.  

  • Enhanced student experience – The pandemic has definitely minimized student involvement with university activities. I envision and aspire to organize meaningful forums and events in the upcoming term if I were to be elected as the next Secretary.  

What would I bring to the role?

I assure to be a Secretary of impeccable people skills if I were to be elected. Dealing with board members and students each of their own set of thoughts, ambitions, constraints, dissatisfaction, perspectives, and, most importantly and the way they speak while also completing primary tasks  would require a lot of understanding in order to establish a successful student committee. My ultimate agenda would be to ensure smooth sailing of all activities within and outside the team and for that, I am willing to be a much more effective communicator when resolving any conflicts or matters at hand in order to bring a positive impact to the team and my role.