Event Venues

As a club, you can book any of the classrooms, lecture theatre, student common or empty compounds in the university.


You can also consider renting or using some of the facilities available in Cyberjaya and Putrajaya.

Within HWUM

Classrooms, Plaza, Foyers, SC1, SC3, Postgraduate SC

The usage of these areas are generally managed by the Timetabling & Examination Unit. You can book these venue by sending an email to myvenuebooking@hw.ac.uk.

You should book the venue at least 5 working days before the date of usage. Do inform them the date, time and purpose for the booking of the venue. 

Bookings made for internal activities taking place outside working hours (9AM - 5PM) require the submission of a Facility Request Form and HIRARC.


You can also try approaching the restaurant owners in HWUM for your events. They are very friendly and are really keen to be more involved with the students. 

SC4 & SC5 

The student common 4 & student common 5 is managed by the Student Association. You can book these venues by emailing Azra at aba45@hw.ac.uk at least 3 working days in advance. Do inform her of the date, time and purpose for the booking of the venue. ​

Library & IT Group Study Discussion Rooms 

You can book any of the discussion rooms in the Library or IT & Group Study through HWUM's Resource Booker under "Library Study Spaces (Student)". 

Taman Pancarona

You can also book sport facilities at Taman Pancarona under the Resource Booker.

Outside HWUM

There are quite a lot of facilities around Putrajaya & Cyberjaya that you can use for your events. We have listed a few of these areas down below. If you need more help with finding a suitable venue for your events, do contact our officers. 


Putrajaya has a lot of community halls, sports facilities, parks and fields. Most of them are being managed by Putrajaya Holdings and are open to public. 

Two popular places to have your sports activities are:

  • Field opposite of the university

  • Taman Pancarona Mini Stadium, Precinct 18

You can view most of the facilities available in Putrajaya here (Community Facilities) and here (Sports Facilities).


Cyberjaya is designed to integrate students, employees and organisation into a close-knitted community. That being said, there are a lot of facilities located in Cyberjaya. 

You can view most of the facilities available in Cyberjaya here.

Aside from what is listed in the link above, you can also consider:

  • Facilities in The Arc & Serin Residency

  • Facilities in the schools and university in Cyberjaya

  • Parks in Cyberjaya

  • Cafes & Restaurants in Cyberjaya