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November 2020

QUOTES of the Month

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” – African proverb 

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Assignment Tips

It’s assignment season! Here are four tips to help you through writing your assignment!

Citing & Referencing  

One of the most important part of an assignment. Plagiarism is a serious offence which is why you must know how to cite and reference properly. Here is a tutorial on Harvard citing and referencing Information Services which teaches you how to do it. Information Services also carries out Skillshub sessions where you can learn more on how to cite and reference where you can clarify any queries you have about it.  

Ask lecturers 

Don’t be afraid to ask your lecturer about things that you need clarification or do not understand. That is what they are there for, to help you and guide you. There’s no harm in asking for help and they would be happy to help you.

Use google scholar or discovery to find journal articles  

In case you didn’t know, discovery is a system for HW students to find e-resources from ebooks to journal articles. If you’re looking for a certain book, you can search it up in discovery and it will show you if the library carries it and where exactly in the library it is or if there’s an online version.  

Read and plan 

Read through the coursework and understand what the question is asking. From there you can start planning the structure of your essay starting with introduction, body paragraph and lastly conclusion. 


Dorcas Lian, Foundation in Business, is the HWUMSA MFP Officer for 2020/21. Besides being a proactive student who enjoys taking up challenges, Dorcas is a student who enjoys various activities. 


From a wide variety of hobbies, Dorcas makes reading one of her favorites. She enjoys the surreal experience of unwrapping a new book and the scent of a vintage book. Loving to read murder mystery books, she finds serenity in solving chilling mysteries. With Murder on the orient express by Agatha Christie her most recommended book. Away from the boom and spooks, Dorcas appreciates a variety of Asian cuisine from Pho noodles to a delicious pineapple fried rice. One secret about her is that she is a talented baker with hands that are able to create the best cheesecake you will ever taste. 

Star of the Month

Scientist on Computer


Well, you should already know them by now, since they were the first feature of Watt’s Victoire, but if you don’t here’s a little recap for you: Biosekitar Enterprise is a start-up by a group of engineering students in HW that tackles food wastage issues by converting food waste into cooking gas.  

Having recently competed in Magic’s University Start-up Challenge, Biosekitar snagged a big win. They had won 3rd place in public selection award and 4th place in judges selection award. This could not have been done without the help of those who supported & voted for them so a round of applause for them. 

Despite facing many turbulences and unforeseen circumstances, Biosekitar still managed to pull through and claim a big feat. From planning and building the digester to making sure that members were still occupied while in MCO to going back and being able to continue working on the digester. Even while in quarantine, they were still hard at work with working with their mentors on the business aspect of the enterprise.  

They definitely deserved the big win. This win is such a big steppingstone for Biosekitar and I believe that there is more to come for them in the future. Once again, congratulations to Biosekitar and team! 

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