Tan Yen Shen

VP Community Candidate

SDS Year 2

"Collab, Connect, Communicate!"

Yen Shen - Photo.jpg

How to reach me?

Instagram: @teamboleh2021

Email: yt68@hw.ac.uk


My Manifesto

My name is Tan Yen Shen, and you can call me Shen! I am a 2000 baby. I believe myself to be a peacemaker and a tactful person. This goes along with my life memento to be understanding and to be a listener. 


My hobbies include yoga as I’ve always thought that incorporating balance in life is important. If it was safer for me to go out, going for hikes with my friends would be one of the most enjoyable times for me 


Some fun facts about me are: 

  1. Lived in Papua New Guinea for 5 years as a kid. 

  2. Been in boarding school for 7 years from Secondary up till Sixth Form. 

  3. I am an avid tea drinker. 


One of my greatest strengths is accountability. I hold being responsible in the heart of all my decisions. With this said, I know I will do my absolute best in aiding however I can in helping others achieve their goals.  

Therefore, as your VP Community, I would... 

  1. Set a system that aligns my goals with the goals of the clubs and societies. 

  2. Make the experience of HWUM students my top priority, by including fulfilling and inclusive events. 

  3. Strengthen the connections among the students of HWUM, virtually or physically. 


You may know more about me in the following questions. I believe it is only right to vote whoever you think is right for this role. With that said, do vote for me as VP Community! 

What motivated me to nominate myself?

One of the biggest reasons why I nominated myself is because I believe that I have the motivation to serve and give back to the university. Only realising it much later in my time in HWUM, but being here has brought me so many opportunities. 


Previously, I was in the same school for 7 years from Secondary school up till Sixth form. Having stepped out of a school I called home for 7 years, had me to grow out of my comfort zone and thus allowed me to seek refuge in HWUM. My first year was especially difficult to adjust to. And it was in the safe space that HWUM provided that I was allowed to experience self-growth and self-improvements. 


Thus, I hope that if I do get nominated, I can give back to HWUM with my service to the students, clubs and societies. 

My top three priorities

  • Your time. This goes to being fast and efficient with approving certain things under my lead. Getting approval is a chain of events, and with that, providing a smooth and fast experience will be one of my main priorities.  

  • Student experience. I believe being in university should be the phase where you can say it was the best time of your life. Creating a community and a place to feel safe and comfortable is what I hope to strive to create and maintain in HWUM.  

  • Growth. Student-led-events are the core of what makes growth happen. It’s where ideas and talents are cultivated, whether one chooses to be the organiser or the one participating. With the exposure to lead and/or receive, creating a platform where leaders can be formed is what I choose to prioritise in HWUM.  

What would I bring to the role?

I hope to bring my integrity into this role. This sense of drive and accomplishment I feel when I am able to help others achieve their goals and purpose in university, is what I know will keep me going as VP Community throughout my last year here. I believe there is no such thing as a perfect leader or role model, but people who choose to strive to do their best, learn and to grow.  


Lastly, with this role I am to lead, that I can hopefully inspire others to take on this role in the future years to come. That with the right mindset and the right objectives, one can still excel in what they thought that they’d never be able to succeed with, and to motivate one another to step out of their comfort zone by taking up roles in this safe community we have built in HWUM.