Lee Yuan Zhi

Treasurer Candidate

Actuarial Science Year 2

"Collab, Connect, Communicate! "

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How to reach me?

Instagram: @yzlee888

Email: leeyz888@gmail.com

Mobile: +60173735278

My Manifesto

Hello folks! I am Lee Yuan Zhi. A December Sagittarius born in the urban sprawls of Subang Jaya, I am an avid anime fan and would deem myself a problem solver, an optimist, and a highly motivated person.

A few things on why I would be the ideal person for this position: I am self-sufficient and dedicated such that I would always devote my utmost effort in producing high-quality work as efficiently and timely as possible. Furthermore, as a team player I sympathize with words like camaraderie and teamwork and believe that through working with each other, we can create synergy and achieve more.


To quote Socrates: “The secret of change is to focus your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Thus, during my term as the Treasurer I want to bring about various changes and establish new policies, particularly the sponsorship application system for clubs so that clubs can easily apply and acquire funding promptly. Additionally, I would also strive to be a sound mediator between clubs and HWUMSA itself and ensure that clubs have their financial problems resolved satisfactorily. Moreover, I would allocate more funds into events and projects organised by clubs, MPU and EMPOWER project leaders such as the Clean Our Plate project to enrich the student experience and allow students to realise their own vision. Lastly, I shall endeavour to regulate financial transactions pertaining to HWUMSA to ensure capital flow and vow to produce transparent financial reports.

What motivated me to nominate myself?

As an uni student, I have always wanted to partake in clubs, societies and participate in exciting, engaging events to obtain a holistic university experience. Therefore, when I heard of students complaining of their insufficient funding for their projects, lack of interesting events to how some students have no inkling on where HWUMSA spends its money, I knew I had to act and apply for treasurer to enrich the current system by working with other members of HWUMSA to improve old policies and establish new ones. Furthermore, I aim to produce unambiguous, more enlightening financial reports so that clubs and students can gain a better insight into HWUMSA’s finances.  I also hope that by collaborating with them, I can make better quality events a reality and enhance the overall student experience.

My top three priorities

During my term in HWUMSA, I wish to prioritise on:

  1. Creating transparent financial reports so that clubs, students and external parties alike can have a bird’s eye view of HWUMSA’s various financial cashflows and its financial position.

  2. Allocate more funds toward uni events, club projects, competitions. I also plan to advise HWUMSA to sponsor more MPU and EMPOWER projects so that students can realise their visions through their projects. Furthermore, by advising HWUMSA to sponsor more funds I hope to see better quality events being held to enhance the student experience and make it more fun.

  3. Work together with HWUMSA officers to establish better policies and enhance the student experience and to streamline the sponsorship application system.

What would I bring to the role?

With my optimistic persona and skills as a team player, I am confident that I can establish strong bonds and collaborate with my future HWUMSA colleagues to establish better policies for aiding the student community. Furthermore, with my keen sense of detail I am certain that I will be able to keep track of HWUMSA’s various transactions and ensure that all are properly documented, in turn ensuring all funds go to the deserving parties. Additionally, I trust that I can be a sound mediator between HWUMSA and clubs on financial matters so that both parties can reach a satisfactory solution, Lastly, with guidance from the President and the exco I am confident that I can prudently advise HWUMSA on where it should allocate its funds towards, for instance MPU and EMPOWER projects in addition to exciting events.

Please support me and the other candidates of Team Boleh! #VoteforTeamBoleh 

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