Reinventing and reigniting a better future together


Lim Zhen Yang (Carlos)


HWUMSA 2020/21  envisions a World in which all student wake up, inspired and motivated to learn and go to sleep happy and fulfilled.


Sai Vishnu Majji Ganeswara Rao

VP Community

HWUMSA Community Department 2020/21 is committed to unite our  different  communities to stand  together, breaking barriers and bridging  gaps  to create everlasting memories  for both ourselves and other people and the people who came after us.


Lovna Kowlessur

VP Academic

HWUMSA Academic Department 2020/21 is committed to ensure that there is a productive and effective learning environment at HWUM that meets the academic, social and developmental needs of all the students. 


Hannah Lee Sze Chee

VP Well-Being

HWUMSA Well-Being Department 2020/21 is committed  to create a utopia for impactful student welfare and experience.


Zoe Faith Nesamalar

Publicity Director

HWUMSA Publicity Department 2020/21 is committed to providing HWUM students with informative, innovative and incentives to provide the best quality content, creativeness and transparency in all information for the benefit of HWUM students.  


Muhamad Danish Harith Bin Zulkefli

Subcommittee Director

HWUMSA Subcommittee Department 2020/21 is dedicated in providing the students with exciting, worthwhile events with the purpose of carrying out its primary goal, to make the university a place for students to look forward to.

Subcommittee Director.jpg

Wan Arisha Zuleikha binti Wan Azrain


HWUMSA secretarial team aspires to create and provide smooth and efficient assistance to the day-to-day secretarial duties and other strategic functions of HWUMSA to ensure plain sailing of all operations.


Eva Gracia Liman


To provide students with timely and transparent information regarding the funds HWUMSA utilized to enhance the communitty.