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Reinventing and Reigniting a better future together



Ryan Koh Zhi Yung

Vision: To drive HWUMSA towards being an organisation that creates opportunities and fosters growth for students empowering them to find purpose in life and to thenmanifest it.


Dorcas Isabelle Lian Jia Ying

VP Academic

HWUMSA Academic Department is committed to ensure that there is a productive and effective learning environment at HWUM that meets the academic, social and developmental needs of all the students. 

VP Academic

Jolyn Tan Jing Xuan

VP Community

HWUMSA Community Department is committed to uniting our different communities to stand together, breaking barriers and bridging gaps to create everlasting memories for both ourselves and other people and the people who came after us.

VP Community

Shandy Chong Pei Lin

VP Well-Being

HWUMSA Well-Being Department is committed  to create a utopia for impactful student welfare and experience.

VP Well-Being

Angela Lim

HWUMSA Secretary

HWUMSA Secretarial Team aspires to create and provide smooth and efficient assistance to the day-to-day secretarial duties and other strategic functions of HWUMSA to ensure the plain sailing of all operations.


Nisha LeAnn Chelvan

HWUMSA Treasurer

HWUMSA Treasury Team aims to provide students with timely and transparent information regarding the funds HWUMSA utilized to enhance the community.


Chris Sean

VP Sports

HWUMSA Sports Department is committed to providing HWUM students with the best quality sports activities, including e-sports and normal sports to ensure that students can fully perform their sports talent in HWUM.

Sport Director
External Affirs Director

Pearlyn Tee Pei Lin

External Affairs Director

HWUMSA External Affairs Department strive to serve as a bridge between the university and external parties including local and global universities, sponsors, vendors and partners to foster connections and secure external support to instil growth of the student association. 


Kwan Weng Thong (Jeannie)

Internal Affairs Director

HWUMSA Internal Affairs Department strive to help achieve ultimate success in HWUMSA events, initiatives and ambitions for the term.

Internal Affairs Director

Heriot-Watt University Malaysia Student Association

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