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Welcome to Table Tennis Club! If you’re a frequent player of table tennis, then what are you waiting for!! Come join the team! Even if you’re a beginner or with no experience at all, don’t worry. Table tennis is a beginner friendly sport and it is super easy to learn! It enhances one’s responsiveness and also body coordination. For the past year, our club had the opportunity to join quite a number of friendly matches with other universities, and we are planning for more to come!! We can’t wait to create beautiful and exciting memories with everyone throughout this term. So stop hesitating and register now! 

Modern Office
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Nicole Chang Wen Wen,  President

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Phone No: +601119570317 

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Chong Kai Jin, Vice President

Phone No: +60176143089

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Our Events

We were part of HWUMCUP and also joined quite a number of friendly matches with other universities! 

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