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Baseball Club Intro Video

Baseball Club Intro Video

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Come check out the Heriot Watt Baseball Club for some bat swinging ball flying action! 


While still stuck in lockdown we hold virtual workout sessions weekly! Baseball Highlights Analysis sessions! And many collaborations with other baseball associations in Malaysia!  


Outside of the pandemic, the Baseball Club has weekly trainings open to anyone who’d like to try the sport. As an exclusive member you’d get the opportunity to join more intensive training sessions with National Players and Qualified Coaches, take part in Baseball Club field trips and much more! 

Modern Office
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Ilya Sulaiman bin Dali,  President
(PIC of Club Membership)

Phone No: +60179854496  

Student Email: ds110@hw.ac.uk

Club Email:  hwubaseball@gmail.com 

Modern Office
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Adam Haris bin Haidi Faiz, 

Vice President

Phone No: +60196606087 

Student Email: abh4@hw.ac.uk

Our Events

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