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Hello! Welcome to BUJO Club! Our main goal is to share the joy of creating through a medium, which is readily available for everyone. We also aim to organize fun and interesting events throughout the year, by introducing everyone to crafts which promote stress-relief and positivity, such as BUJO meetups, workshops, art gallery visits and art fairs. Join us and explore the world of arts and creativity together through our future events. Looking forward to see you here! 

Modern Office

Puah Sze Yun, Vice President of Community

Phone No: +60129748699 

Student Email: sp154@hw.ac.uk

Wong Ven Va, President

Phone No: +60189089213 

Student Email: vw6@ hw.ac.uk

Cheok Kai Xin, Head of Publicity

(PIC of Club Membership)

Phone No: +60163503312 

Student Email: kc109@hw.ac.uk

Club Email: hwum.bujo@gmail.com

Our Vision

Annual Report
Annual Plan