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Fujiwara Jun

Candidate for

VP Academic

Foundation in Science (Computing)

How to reach me?

Instagram: @foojiowo
Phone number: +60196098117

Speech Recording

My Biography

Hello!! My name is Jun, a foundation in science student, and I am running to be your Academic Vice President!

I am frequently described as disciplined, diligent, and consistently committed to any task at hand. I take pride in my reputation for reliability and am known for my willingness to assist peers whenever needed.

My foremost objective is to foster a supportive academic atmosphere where every student can thrive, ensuring their voices are not only heard but valued, and their concerns promptly addressed. I am dedicated to actively participating in the creation of such an enriching environment.

My Manifesto

As your VP of Academics, I am committed to upholding and enhancing academic standards across all disciplines. I will foster an environment where intellectual curiosity thrives, empowering staff and students to pursue rigorous inquiry and scholarship. 

I will prioritize diversity and inclusivity amongst all of my peers, and I will ensure that academic resources are accessible and fairly distributed to all students. Not only that, I will work tirelessly to create an environment where the voices of all students are heard, valued, and respected. 

Effective teaching and learning is at the heart of my mission. I will make sure that academic resources are accessible and fairly distributed to all students and will provide my full support to the staff to enhance and create even more engaging learning experiences for students.

What motivated me to nominate myself?

My main motivation is to serve the student body by acting as the mediator between the staff and the students. By doing so I can gain first-hand experience in HWUMSA, and with such experience I will try to further improve the academic environment of Heriot-Watt University.

Besides that, another reason that I want to be the VP of Academics is because I want to see my peers SUCCEED, I want to see my peers STRIVE!! And most importantly, I don’t want to see my peers fail any of their subjects.

My top three priorities

  • I will make sure the voices of all students are taken more seriously, and their grievances addressed.

  • I hope to elevate and strengthen the academic environment of our university and ensure that the quality of education for the students will be upheld and improved.

  • I will make sure that the academic resources of the university are accessible and fairly distributed amongst all students.

What would I bring to the role?

I believe that my experience in leading teams can prove to be beneficial to the academic department of HWUMSA. In the past, I have lead and organized several events, and choreographed various performances, thus I am confident in my abilities to coordinate and create an even more effective academic team. I also have a close relationship with the student body in every department as well so I can voice out their concerns without any prejudice.

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