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Natalie Feraldine Anak Franklin

Candidate for


Psychology with Management Year 2

"Resilience, Integrity, Service, Experience"

How to reach me?

Mobile: +6017-8891232

Speech Recording

My Biography

My name is Natalie Franklin, and I am running for the position of HWUMSA Treasurer 2024/2025. I am currently a second-year Psychology with Management student. I believe that the role of a treasurer requires heavy commitment, integrity and precision. My experience as vice treasurer and treasurer for events has equipped me with a deep understanding of HWUMSA's financial operations and the importance of meticulous record-keeping, accurate financial documentation, and responsible budget allocation. I'm confident in my ability to excel in this role, embracing the high level of responsibility it demands. My dedication thrives in environments where meticulousness can make a real difference. Together, let's build a brighter financial future for our community!

My Manifesto

As your Treasurer this tenure, I will ensure that;

  1. I maintain the highest standards of financial accuracy to ensure effective service delivery

  2. I guide every financial decision with fiscal responsibility and integrity

  3. I build strong communication channels with student clubs and HWUMSA

What motivated me to nominate myself?

Aligning with my personal ethos of competence, integrity, and providing support to the student body, I firmly believe in the limitless potential of individuals and the importance of fostering opportunities for personal growth and development. I am driven by the belief that every student deserves the chance to thrive and contribute to society. It is this conviction that has inspired me to nominate myself for the role of treasurer, recognising that YOUR input is essential in shaping a positive environment within our community.

With my background in financial management I am dedicated to ensuring that HWUMSA’s finances are managed with integrity and accountability. I also recognise the value of collaboration and inclusivity. With that, YOUR ideas, concerns, and aspirations will play a vital role in guiding our financial decisions and priorities.

Together, with my expertise and YOUR voice, I am confident that we can create a student association that not only operates efficiently but also fosters an environment where every member of the student body has the opportunity to contribute meaningfully.

My top three priorities

1. Communication:

  • Build strong communication channels with student clubs and HWUMSA in order to understand their financial needs and collaborate to find solutions that support their activities.

2. Efficiency and Effectiveness:

  • Prioritize the allocation of resources to support the association's mission, goals, and service initiatives.

  • Develop a standardized guideline of financial processes for student clubs, in order to help minimize administrative burden.

3. Active listening:

  • Listen attentively to members' feedback and suggestions for improving financial processes and procedures.

What would I bring to the role?

To the community and HWUM, I hope to act as a mediator between the students and HWUMSA, ensuring that their voices, concerns, and ideas are heard and considered in all financial matters. By actively engaging with students, I aim to foster a culture of collaboration, where everyone’s perspectives inform financial decisions. Whether it's advocating for additional resources or addressing financial concerns, I am committed to representing the best interests of the student body and promoting a positive and supportive environment within the community.

To HWUMSA, I hope to bring a strong emphasis on transparency, accountability and long-term sustainability in managing our finances. With my relevant experiences and dedication to integrity, I will prioritize open communication and clear reporting to ensure that the executive members and the university are informed about the association's financial status and decisions. By promoting transparency and accountability, we can build trust among members and strengthen the foundation of our student association. Additionally, I will work diligently to make informed financial decisions that support our long-term goals and sustainability, ensuring that HWUMSA continues to thrive and serve the needs of our community for years to come.

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