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Tey Kai Le

Candidate for


Foundation in Science (Computing)

"Resilience, Integrity, Service, Experience"

How to reach me?

Instagram: @le_tk_1
Mobile: +60165351999

Speech Recording

My Biography

Hello! My name is Kai Le and I’m running to be the HWUMSA Secretary for the term 2024/2025. I’m someone who likes seeking out opportunities to grow, with the tiny hope that every day I become a slightly better person than the day before. Being a meticulous yet flexible person, I believe that the role of Secretary would suit me well, and I’m excited to acquire more skills that will help me level up in this game of life!

My Manifesto

As your Secretary,

  • I will build a secretariat team that upholds transparency and accountability.

  • I will listen to the voices of concern, collect the thoughts and aspirations of the student body, and translate them into actionable initiatives.

  • I will work diligently with my team to refine the reporting and documentation systems, empowering the student association to function at its best as change-makers, ready to rise to the challenges.

What motivated me to nominate myself?

As a Foundation in Science student, I nominated myself in the hopes of gaining exposure and experience serving the student body. Being a secretary calls for strong organisational and communication skills, flexibility and attention to detail. Armed with the desire to improve and the curiosity to learn, I am ready to face new challenges in expanding my skill set on my journey in rising from being a fledgling to a dependable secretariat team leader. Through this, I hope to demonstrate that as long as one is willing to learn and tackle obstacles head-on, he/she deserves the opportunity to take on challenging roles despite being just a Foundation student.

My top three priorities

  1. Promote trust and transparency through open communication, so that members are comfortable voicing their perspectives

  2.  Make meaningful changes that stem from student concerns, so that valuable insights of students are not lost in the sea of discontent.

  3. Uphold the credibility of the student association, so that stakeholders are assured that the decisions made by the student association are sound and informed

What would I bring to the role?


A dedicated secretariat team that demonstrates professionalism in working with other members to achieve common goals


A positive university culture characterised by respect and collaboration

To You

An ear that is open to your thoughts and ideas, and an inspiration for others to join in and help make a difference

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