Dance Club

Dance Club is a platform where one can learn to experience the wonder of dancing and being able to perform together on stage. Dance club is always open to all students, with or without dance experience. We also offer various dance styles from K-pop, Urban Choreography to Hip Hop. Overall, Dance Club is a club which involves lots of fun and laughter, teamwork which turns into friendship and the creativity and results from teamwork, hard work and dedication of everyone within the club to provide the crowd an amazing “WOW” performance for everyone to enjoy.

If you are a person who seeks fun and laughter in a club, wants to try something new, who loves dancing and wants to make more friends within the university, do join us, HWUMDC.

Commitee Members

Lim Qi Yang 

Ti Weiee 




Eunice Lim Kit Yie


Vice President

Wong Hui Shan 

Highlight Events