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Empower Team

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Michael Ong - CIE Ambassador

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering  (Year 4) 

Hi! I am CIE Ambassador. Let's develop our creativity, innovative ideas and entrepreneurship together!

Valentina Nicson – CTDM Ambassador

BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering 

Hi! I am CTDM Ambassador. Let's develop our critical thinking skills and capability of decision making together!

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EIR Ambassador.jpeg

 Surekha Sudesan – EIR Ambassador

BSc Actuarial Science (Year 2)

Hi! I am EIR Ambassador. Let's improve our employability skills and increase industrial relevance knowledge together!

Amaysha Devi Selvalingam – EIRH Ambassador

BEng (Hons) Chemical Engineering (Year 3)

Hi! I am EIR Ambassador. Let's have a better emotional intelligence and resilience to enhance our happiness together! 

EIRH Ambassador.jpeg
GCLI Ambassador.jpeg

Sofiya – GCLI Ambassador

MA (Hons) Acc & Business Finance (Year 3)

Hi! I am GCLI Ambassador. Let's get involved in the global citizenship and learn leadership skills in order to become an impactful person! 

Alya Jasmi – PS Ambassador

MA (Hons) Business & Finance (Year 2)

Hi! I am PS Ambassador. Let's develop a sustainable people skills, such as communication and time management skills together!

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