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ICE-SC Intro Video

ICE-SC Intro Video

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The Institution of Civil Engineering - Student Chapter is an academic-based society with aims to further increase an individual’s knowledge and experiences in the course whilst studying in the university by providing the opportunity to participate and to be exposed to a vast range of events such as course-related talks, field trips, intra and inter-university competitions. Besides, our society has been registered on ICE (Institution of Civil Engineers) systems. As a student chapter, the members come with the benefits of free access to all of ICE’s online learning resources, e.g. the virtual library, enhance own resume, connect with ICE’s global network up to 80 countries and many more. This is a great opportunity to seek advice and demonstrates your commitment to the related field free of charge! 

Modern Office
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Yek Ren Yew, ICE Vice President

Phone No: +60173221393

Student Email: ry25@hw.ac.uk

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Valentina Nicson, 


Phone No: +601116168611 

Student Email: vn13@hw.ac.uk

IEM VP.jpg

Victricius Vinnleo, IEM Vice President

Phone No: +60172732746 

Student Email: vv23@hw.ac.uk

Our Events

autocad workshop 2019